Au pair (Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil Fanfiction)

I finish school and I'm completely lost and do not now what I want to do with my life. So I have decided to go to England as a au pair for a year. All I know is that I'm going to be living in London. Tomorrow I will be going and I can't contain my excitement. I have already packed my things and I'm ready. My mom is sad and happy for me, so that is going to be the hardest to say goodbye to her.

Ella is a girl on 20 who just finish school and now is going to London as a au pair for a year. She has no idea who she is spending a year with, but the surpice hits her hard. When the two youtube stars Dan Howell and Phil Lester pick her up at the au pair agency. But Dan and Phil dont have any kids so her stay is going to be a bit different to others.

This is my first English FanFiction, so be gentle on my spelling ;)
Hope it sound interesting and something that you would want to read :)
- Seline xoxo


4. Chapter 3

"Wake up" Dan woke me early the next morning. "Good morning to you too" I said sitting up. "what is all the fuss about?" I asked him. "We are going to Youtube today" he said smiling. "Get ready" He said. I got up and found shirt and some jeans. Dan was just sitting looking at me. "Well do you mind?" I asked him before striping in front of him. "Oh sorry I will meet you down stairs" He said and went out the door. I was ready pretty fast. "The taxi is here" He said and we went out the door. "What about Phil?" I asked. "He's not coming. He is editing a video today" He said pulling me into the taxi. Dan was sitting with his phone, so I put in my headphones to listen to some music. I listen to Rooftops by Zara, I really like that song. "What are you listening to?" Dan asked. "Rooftops" I answered. "Okay" he said very cold. Dan is such a hard person to figure out. His personality is so special. He is so kind and loving, but on the same side he is so dark. "What are we doing at Google" I asked. "We are starting the process with your channel" He said looking out the window. 



Dan paid the taxi driver and there we were standing outside google. I have always dreamed about working here and just being a successful Youtuber. We went inside and walked into a little room. "Hey guys" said a man sitting down.  "Okay Hey Ella I'm John and I work here at Youtube, and I help people with their channel. So today we are going to look at your layout and see if it needs any changes" he said smiling. My channel was than shown on a big screen in front of us. "So you have 10.000 subscribers, that is really good but we want you to gain a lot more in this year" he said smiling at me. "I personally think your layout is really good, so I have talked to some editors and they will make the same layout for you, but just better If you know what I mean" he said and I nodded. "Dan and Phil will be helping you with all the things they can and if there is something you need help with we are here" he said smiling. "So that is what we had to talk about today" he said smiling at me.


After google did Dan take me out for lunch. I was scared to death about it. "Are you okay?" Dan asked when we were sitting in the tube. "Yes" I lied. "Please don't lie to me" He said looking a bit angry. "That is the first thing you have to work with" He said. "If you already knew, why did you ask?" I asked him. "Well you need to stop being so over protective of yourself. I'm not here to hurt you or laugh at you." He said looking serious. "You have been here for around for three days and all I know is that your 20, from Denmark, make youtube and your knee dislocates sometimes." He said. "I'm pretty sure you know a lot more about me" he said smiling a bit. "Do you like Sushi?" He asked. "I have never tried it" I admitted. "Well than you need to know" he said smiling at me. 


We were sitting in the restaurant. "Okay I will tell you more about me if you promise you dont tell Phil anything" I said. "Okay that a deal" he said smiling. "Well I grew up in Denmark and went to school when I was around four years old. I really like music and acting. I have been acting since I was around three. I went to a music school where I learned to sing and play the piano" I said looking over at Dans reaction. "Well that sounds a lot like my childhood." he said. I smiled at him. "I saw your covers on youtube you are a really good singer. Do you write your own songs?" Dan asked. "Well I have written a lot but there no good". "I want to listen to them" he said. "Well I don't.." he stop med and looked at me. "You have to stop being so afraid." He said keeping his eyes on me. Right now his eyes were a lot different than last time. "What do you think about the food?" He asked knowing that I hadn''t even toughed it yet. "Just try it" he said before I event open my mouth. I put the first roll in my mouth and it felt like eating a ball of glue or something. It was so sticky and disgusting. I'm sure my facial expression were giving it all away. "I can see this is just your cup of tea" he said laughing a bit. "We can get you something else on the way home" he said smiling at me. I finally swallowed the sticky ball and could answer him. "Its okay" I said. This made him laugh because he knew I was lying. "You don't have to like it" he said smiling at me. He found his phone and took a picture of me and the food. "I think its time for the internet to know about you." he said typing on his phone. "Dan this maybe look a bit wrong" I said trying to stop him. "The picture should be from the apartment and with both you and Phil in it" I said and look  serious at him. "You can just ask if you want a selfie" he said smiling at me. "But you're right" he said laying down his phone. 


On our way home we went by Tesco to pick up some food for tonight. "What should we get?" Dan asked looking around the shelves. "I don't know" I said feeling a bit weird. "Well you have to choose today" he said. "Mexican" I asked. Pizza and Mexican was the only things I knew they got for dinner by watching their videos. "Haha you only think we eat sushi, Mexican and pizza right?" He said making me blush. "Well Mexican it is then" he said putting some vegables in the shopping cart. I knew he would't let me go before I had pick up some lunch so I went over and picked up some sandwiches. "I will have this for lunch" I said trying to smil at him. "Okay" he said. "Will you take one more for Phil?" he asked and I found one more for Phil. We bought a lot of things and Dan made me pick out my own cereal that I had to finish at the same time as Dan and Phil finished their cereal. He had decided to cure me from my eating disorder. I finally finished shopping and we were in the taxi on our way home. "I really like you Ella" Dan said looking at me with a weird look in his eyes. "And I really want to help you with this, I know I have been joking a lot. Because I thought that would made you feel more comfortable around me. I know you maybe feel a bit weird about all this. Meeting us and moving country. But Phil and I are here for you" he said and ended with a smile on his lips. I didn't know what to say so I just smiled at him. 


"Phil we're home" Dan shouted when we went trough the door to their apartment. "I'm in the office" He answered. "I will bring him his sandwich" I said when we were standing in the kitchen. "Bring him something to drink, cause he forget to drink when he edited" Dan said taking a bottle of water out of the fridge. I took the bottle and went up stairs. "Hey Phil" I said and sat the bottle and sandwich down beside him. He look up from the computer and smiled at me. "Thank you, I do need a break" he said smiling at me. "How was your meeting at Youtube?" He asked "I went really well". "Thanks for the food" Phil said when I left the room. I sat down with by my disk and looked around. I really liked my room here. It much more like me than my old room. Than I stumbled across James number. I picked the card up and looked at it before I rang the number on the paper. "Hallo this is James" The voice answering said. "Hallo this is Ella" I said. "I'm the girl from the airplane" I said and waited for the answer. "Yes I remember you! How are you" he said and he sounded happy. "I'm really good and you?" I asked. "I'm really good" he said. "Have you got a family yet?" he asked. "Yes I got one on the day I arrived." I answered smiling. "Why don't we go out tonight?" he asked. "Than we can talk over dinner or something" he added. "Sound great" I said. "Where can I pick you up?" he asked. "I gave him the address but changed the house nummers and I decided that I would stand on the other side of the road. "I will pick you up at 6 pm than" he said. " sound good see you later" I hung up and got up to go tell Dan and Phil. But It felt so weird telling than so I would lie a bit. Phil had in the meanwhile went downstairs and both the boys were in the lounge. 


"Hey I'm going out with a friend tonight" I said sitting down beside Phil. "Do you have friends?" Dan laughed at me joking. "Well yes of cause she has or so wouldn't say so. You think she's lying?" Phil asked and Dan made a weird face. I gave him the I-will-kill-you look. "No of cause not" Dan said smiling a bit. "Well he is picking me up at 6 pm" I said. Their faces turned to me. "It a him?" Dan asked. "Yeah, why?" I asked looking at him weird. "Nothing I guess" he looked away. "Do you know this guy?" Phil asked worried as always. "Yes and you don't need to worry" I said smiling at Phil. I walked up stairs and quickly got ready.





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