Au pair (Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil Fanfiction)

I finish school and I'm completely lost and do not now what I want to do with my life. So I have decided to go to England as a au pair for a year. All I know is that I'm going to be living in London. Tomorrow I will be going and I can't contain my excitement. I have already packed my things and I'm ready. My mom is sad and happy for me, so that is going to be the hardest to say goodbye to her.

Ella is a girl on 20 who just finish school and now is going to London as a au pair for a year. She has no idea who she is spending a year with, but the surpice hits her hard. When the two youtube stars Dan Howell and Phil Lester pick her up at the au pair agency. But Dan and Phil dont have any kids so her stay is going to be a bit different to others.

This is my first English FanFiction, so be gentle on my spelling ;)
Hope it sound interesting and something that you would want to read :)
- Seline xoxo


3. Chapter 2

I woke up late the day after. I put on some pjs and walked downstairs. It was quiet. I walked in the launch where Dan was sitting with his laptop and did see me before I said hey. "Hey" he said putting his laptop down. "Phil is still sleeping" he said a bit weird. "Okay" I just answered. I looked around, it was a bit crazy to be in there launch after all. "Are you hungry?" he asked. "a bit" I said. "you must be, you only ate to pizza slices yesterday" he said smiling. "Come" he said and I followed in in to the kitchen. "We really need to shop, but we have Sheddies and yeah that actually it" he said and laughed. "Good morning guys" Phil said entering the room. "Good morning" I said and standing bit awkward in the middle of them. "Do you drink tea?" Phil said putting water in the kettle. "Yes I love tea" I said smiling. 


We all sat down in the launch and eating breakfast. "So was are we doing today" Dan asked. "Well I think we need to make that bedroom of your a bit more like a bedroom and a bit more like you" Phil smiled smiling at me. "And we seriously need to fell up the kitchen." Dan added laughing a bit. "That is a really good plan" Phil said. "So do we need to know anything about you?" Phil asked after a bit of silence. "Well I'm 20 years old and from Denmark as you already know. I like singing and playing the piano" I said. "Same with the piano" Dan said smiling. "And don't know what else. to say" I said. "Do you have any disease or something?" Phil asked. "Well my knee likes to dislocate sometimes" I said and my Dan look really scared at me. "Don't worry it doesn't happen often. But if it does it usually just go back in place" I said. "Don't it hurt like hell?" Phil asked. "Yes of cause it does imagine that your kneecap decides to jump out of place and remain there some time before it goes back into place. Yes it really painful" I said smiling a bit over their reaction. "What if it does go back?" Dan asked. "Well than I need to go to the hospital and get it fixed" I explained. "Can you walk after or do you need rest?" Phil asked. "Well the put this stage looking remain there some time before it bounces back that goes from your thigh to your food. It will prevent you from bending your knee for some weeks and after that you need to do some exercises and after that you are good to go" I laughed. "Okay but let hope it doesn't happen" Phil said smiling. 


After breakfast we all got ready and left the apartment to go shopping for my room. We first of all went to Ikea where we spend three hours looking at furniture. I found a mirror, disk with drawers for my makeup, closet for my clothes and much more small bits and pieces for my room. After that we went to Primark where I bought new clothes and some more things for my room. The shopping went pretty well and I finally had a lot of new stuff to put in my room. "We need to go shop now" Phil said and smiled. "Okay but all the stuff from Ikea are being delivered soon so I'm going home guys" Dan said and left us outside a bit store called Sainsburys. "So what do you like eating?" Phil asked but laughing bit because it was a weird question. "You can just take what you want so we have food for you in house too" he said pushing the shopping card. What I didn't say this morning was that I suffer from a eating disorder. No I'm not anorexic, but I have anxiety about eating in front of people, specially people I don't really know. I'm not overweight or underweight, but it just scare me and I think it started when I was a child where I got bullied. I felt like I had to tell them but it was so hard. I have only just realized it myself and its only my mom who knows it. But I know it will become better when I get to know Dan and Phil a bit more. 


After Sainsburys we went to Boots to pick up some makeup remover and bath stuff. I love boots and I actually have a boots card even though I'm not form the UK, but I send so much time shopping in there when I'm wishing. Our boots like shop in Denmark is called Matas and it a lot smaller compered to Boots.  "Do you know the shop called Lush?" Phil asked when we were going out of Boots. "Yes I really like their products." I said smiling. "Do you wanna go, cause I need some more shover gel" Phil asked looking at me. "Yes" I said and we rushed to the closed Lush. Phil got his shover gel and I got just a couple of things in there that I always buy like the ocean sea salt scrub which I love. "Do you need more things?" Phil asked when were standing at Victoria station waiting for the tube. "Do you have a oyster card?" He asked. "I have" I said and took it out of my back. "Good" He said. Right after the tube came and we got on it.

At home Dan was nowhere to be found, so Phil helped me upstairs with all my things. "Shall I help you with the grocery?" I asked. "Yes thank you" he said. "Oh hey" Dan said standing in my room with some of the new furnitures in the process of building them. "Oh I though I would begin so you could decorate your room." He said smiling at me. "Thank you" I said. "Shall we get those groceries in the kitchen." I said. Phil and I went downstairs and started packing out the groceries. "Tonight Dan and I have our radio show. Do you wanna come or do you wanna stay home?" Phil asked looking at me. "I think I will stay at home and finish my room" I said smiling at him. "But i wanna come with you guys at some point. "I said. "Well we hoped you would come with us for a interview sometime" He said smiling. "I would love to" I said. "Lets go back up stairs and see how Dan is doing" Phil said laughing. We went ind to my room and saw Dan laying on my bed with his phone. The disk, closet and mirror was up and he had places all the other things around the room. The only thing missing was my makeup and clothes from my suitcases. "Wow Dan" I said looking around. "Yeah I got a bit carried away" He said laughing. "You don't say" Phil said. I found my suitcase and started organizing my makeup in on the disk and in the drawers. My clothing was also quickly put in the closet. 


"Are you sure you will be okay?" Phil asked before leaving for the radio show. "Yes" I said trying to make him feel okay by leaving. "It fine" I said smiling. When they were gone I took their lightning and started filming a new video explaining what was going on in my life. "Hey guys so yeah I'm in a different room as you can tell" I said "But this is actually my new bedroom for a year at least" I said look into the camera. "I'm a au pair in England and this is my second day. The reason I haven't told you anything is because I didn't know anything. But this is going to be a bit of a surprise  for you but I I'm leaving with Dan and Phil. But that is all I can say for now" I said smiling at the camera. "Because I know you guys wouldn't believe me I'm taking you with me down stairs. I took my camera and filmed myself going down stairs. "So this is the launch as you all know and here is the kitchen and down there you have Dan and Phils rooms." I said showing them a bit around. After turning off the camera, I felt the hunger that had built up inside me ever since I got here. I took my purse and when down to the local Tesco. I bought a lot of food, that I when home and cook. I just finish cooking and found my computer to watch some American Horror Story while eating. "Hey" Dan Said and made me jump. "What are you doing here?" I asked looking at the clock, which was surprisingly late. "The radioshow is over" he said sitting down beside me. "Here's Phil?" I asked looking into the corridor. "He's not coming, he went out with his friend" Dan said. "Are you eating all that?" Dan said looking at my food. "Cause I can understand you must be hungry after not eating anything" he said looking at me. "I have a eating disorder. But it's not the normal kind. I just have a anxiety about eating in front of people. Specially people I barely know. But actually I only eat in front of my mom at home, not even my dad" I said pushing the plait away from me. "Why did you tell us?" He asked. "Well I have only just came to the conclusion that I actually have a problem. So telling you would be such a big deal for me which it is. I'm shaking right now" I said showing my shaking hands. "Don't be ashamed" he said talking my hand. "I will leave you" he said getting up. "But I can't eat it because now you know about the food and you could possibly judge me about it" I explained. "It the feeling of other people seeing and knowing I'm eating or has eat that make me anxious. " I said feeling the tiers falling down my cheeks. "Don't cry" he said sitting down again. "He will find a way for you to eat" he said petting my head and holding me tight. I look up into his dark brown eyes, close they were so soft but far away the could be a bit intermediating and scary. Dan made me eat half of the plait and then making me go to bed right after, because he said tomorrow would be a busy day for us all.

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