Au pair (Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil Fanfiction)

I finish school and I'm completely lost and do not now what I want to do with my life. So I have decided to go to England as a au pair for a year. All I know is that I'm going to be living in London. Tomorrow I will be going and I can't contain my excitement. I have already packed my things and I'm ready. My mom is sad and happy for me, so that is going to be the hardest to say goodbye to her.

Ella is a girl on 20 who just finish school and now is going to London as a au pair for a year. She has no idea who she is spending a year with, but the surpice hits her hard. When the two youtube stars Dan Howell and Phil Lester pick her up at the au pair agency. But Dan and Phil dont have any kids so her stay is going to be a bit different to others.

This is my first English FanFiction, so be gentle on my spelling ;)
Hope it sound interesting and something that you would want to read :)
- Seline xoxo


2. Chapter 1

So here I was, sitting on the plane on my way to London where I would be spending my next year as a au pair. Normally you would know who your family is, but I know nothing, which is so scary. I have two big suitcases with me and my mom will mail me some of my thing later. "Hey" the person next to me looked at me and smiled. "Where you going" he asked every interested. "Ehm I'm going to London as a Au pair what about you?" I asked and my mind was already thinking in english. "I'm going home, I live in London and was just on a trip to Copenhagen for some meetings" he said. "But nice to meet you, I'm James" he continued and gave me his hand. "I'm Ella" I said. "Where in London are you staying?" he asked wanting to keep the conversation going. "I actually don't know yet" I said. "Okay" he said. "Have you been to London before?" he asked a bit after. "Yes I love London its my favorite city." I answered. "What do you work as?" he asked. "Beside being a au pair now" he added. "I just finish school so nothing yet, but I make some video on youtube just for fun and I get a bit of money from them" I said. "Interesting" he nodded. "What about you?" I asked. "Well I work for the BBC" he said smiling. "Oh but what where you doing in Denmark than?" I asked. "Well they have bought a lot of our ideas so we just had a couple of meetings about how much they could chance on the programs and so on" he said. He was really friendly and actually nice to talk to. Just talking english on this level made my heart race and I felt all happy. English is my favorite language, I love it much more than danish. "Its really nice to talk to someone from the UK so my mind is tuned in on the language" I said. "Your welcome I guess" he said smiling. "How are you getting to London from the airport?" he asked. "I'm taking the train I think" I said looking over at him. "You can drive with me" he said. I was beginning to see land under us.


I followed James who helped me with my suitcases. "I think it would be really difficult to take the train with all this" he laughed while packing his car. "Thank you so much" I said when we where on the road and on our way to London. "Its a bit different to Denmark the way we drive right?" he said laughing. "Yes but I usually get use to it really quite" I said. "Where are you going than?" he asked not taking his eyes off the road. "Well If you could drive me to this adresse?" I asked showing him my papers. "Yes of cause" he said. I looked out of the window, the nature is not that different to Denmark and the weather is just a bit warmer. Of cause it depends on where in the UK you are but its a lot like Denmark which is nice. 


"Here is my card, so you can contact me if you want. Thanks for the entertainment" he said when he had drop me off at the adresse. "Thank you so much I will" I said and gave him a hug. I was kind of weird but he had been so nice to my so why not already have a friend here in London. I took my things and walked inside the agency. "Hey you much be Ella" a man said and gave me his hand to say hallo. "Yes" I said and followed him inside a meeting room. "You're maybe wondering why you dont have any information at all right?" he said smiling. "Yes" I nodded. "Well you wrote in your application that you do youtube and we actually found a place where you would fit perfect because of the youtube." he said and found some papers. "You are going to stay with two boys called Daniel Howell and Philip Lester, they both do Youtube and are looking forward to meeting you" he said. "They are on their way so in the meantime you can feel out all the papers. If you are okay with living with them?" he asked looking up at me. I was in totally chok and just looked at him "are you kidding me?" I asked. "No" he said with a weird face. "Okay" I said. I tried to calm my self while felling out the papers. Suddenly the door was opened and in walk the two boys. They were just as perfect in real life as in their videos. "Hi I'm Ella" I said standing up. "Hey" Phil said. They both were looking really happy and smiling. 


After a couple of hours at the agency I finally was in the taxi on my way home with Dan and Phil. Did I forget to mention that I freaking love them, and I have watched their videos for a long time. "So your from Denmark how is it over there" Phil asked. "Well fine I guess England is much better" I said confident. "Then you came to the right place" Dan laughed. We stopped and the boys got out of the car. "Here we are" Phil said. "Home sweet home" Dan said. "Let us take your suitcases just follow us" Dan said and smilede at me. We walked up a couple of stairs till we got to two doors and Dan opened one and went inside where we were greeted with more stairs. At the end of the first stairs there where a platform with a toilet and a little walk though closet If you could call it that. More stairs and a new but much bigger platform appeared. There where a small corridor with two doors at the end. "I can just start the house tour right" Dan said. Down there our rooms are and on the left is the kitchen and on your right we have our launch" He said than walking up more stairs. "Here's our office kind of room. It is where we film our gaming videos" he said and looked at me. "And here your room is going to be. Yeah there is only a closet and a big bed" he said and sat down my suitcases. "But we will go out buying some more things for your room" Phil said when he got in the room. "So yeah this is our apartment" Dan said. "Lets go downstairs" Dan began walked out of my new room. "Do you even watch our video?" Phil asked walking just in front of me. Should I tell the truth and sound like a stalker or just tell them I watch them sometimes. "Yes I do" I said. "Like a crazy stalker?" dan added laughing. I just smilede at them. "No I dont think so" I lied. I have watched every single video there is to watch with just a little clip of them in. I know kind of everything about them, but that would be my little secret. 


Dan and Phil showed me around their rooms kitchen. We ended up in the lauch where we sat down. "Okay we have boughed you a phone and Dan  started it up for you. Our nummers are registered so you can call us if you need too" Phil said looking over at Dan and than over to me. "Thank you thats too much" I said and smiled. "Okay we can just tell you already. We had for some time been joking about getting an au pair. Than some night I was fooling around on the internet and found the agency website and I got a idea. If we got an au pair who was into youtube. We know a lot about youtube so we could help a newbie. The agency than found you, and you where the perfect match. So we said yes. We have watched all of your videos and we love them and we want to help you gain a following on your channel"  Phil explained. "That sound too good to be true" I said."But your stay will maybe not be like a normal au pair just so know, we dont have anything you need to do" Phil said and smiled. "You will be a part of this appartment and a part of Phil and I. So just a bit of helping with the apartment thats all" Dan added. "So what do you say?" Dan asked. "I don't know what to say" I said. "It a bit overwhelming we know, so just think about it okay?" Phil said. "But anyway welcome to the family" he said making Dan and me laugh. 


They both let me go back up in my new room. I sat on the empty bed and looked around. It was a big square room with on window. The only thing in here was the bed and a bookcase. I spend my suitcases and took some of the things from my old room, and placed it on the bookcase. It was a picture of me and my family. I emptied out my suitcase with all my thing to decorate the room and placed my other suitcase in the corner. "Hey" I turn around. "Oh you scared me" I said. It was Dan. "I have a duvet and a pillow for you" he said and laid them on the bed. "Tomorrow we will buy some stuff for your room" he said and smiled before leaving the room. Dan had put duvet Cover on and I quickly finish the room so it felt a bit more like me. I looked at my new phone and took my old and sat down on my bed. I downloaded my favorites apps and register my friends and family's phone number in my phone. The clock was around 9 pm  and I felt really tired. But I was also kinda hungry. 


"What kind of pizza do you want" Phil's head appeared in the door opening. "Just one with pepperoni  I really don't care" I said and smiled at him. "Okay" he said and went downstairs again. I figured I should call my mom cause she was worrying too much. "Hej mor" With means hey mom on english. It felt so weird to talk danish again, although I had just been talking english for around ten hours. "Hey honey. I have miss you already" she said and I smiled. "I miss you too" I said laughing a bit. "Tell me everything? Do you have a family?" she nearly shouted. "Yes I have a family or I live with two boys called Dan Howell and Phil Lester, They are not gay the just live together. They do youtube like me and they are really nice. I have a really big room and we live in London" I said and I could her relax. "Oh that sounds really good, I'm happy for you" she said and I could fell the tires in my eyes building up. "Thank you mom" I said with tears running down my face. "Please don't cry" she said. "I love you" I said. "talk to you later" she said and hung up. I laid in my bed and cried my eyes out. I didn't think it was going to be this hard. I was overwhelmed with feelings and did think I could react like this. Get yourself together I said to my self trying to clean my eyes. "Pizza is here" Phil shouted and I got up. 


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