The guy next door

A van pulls up and a guy So handsome tall and very muscular comes out the van listening to music and got weights in each hand you know you recognise him when the one direction song steal my girl then it clicks in your mind it is Louis for one direction he moved because him and ealanor have broken up. You two talk and become very close until one day the two of you fall in love.


3. The Guy

Sophia's POV

Me and my friend Amber where in my room getting ready for a party and we heard people shouting from outside so we rushed to the window to see what all the commotion is
"ooh I wonder who is fighting Soph?" said Amber
"I don't think it's a fight Amber as it might be my new neighbours remember they are moving in today?" I replied
There he was a guy so handsome tall and very muscular comes out the van listening to music and got weights in each hand you know you recognize him when the One Direction song 'Steal My Girl' plays on my radio then it clicks in your mind it is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. 
"AMBER!!" I Shouted
"What's up?" Asked Amber
"It is Louis, Louis Tomlinson from One Direction"
As I said that Amber ran down the stairs. I ran after her,
"Amber wait I need to get my bin bag then we have an excuse to go outside" I said
"Good idea" replied Amber
I quickly went into my kitchen and grabbed my bin bag. Me and Amber were having a good laugh and as i opened my front door I was too busy looking at Amber behind me while we were talking that all I felt was me hitting something and falling down.
"Soph you ok?" Shouted Amber
"Yeah am all good" I laughed as I looked up all I saw was this hand at me 
"I am so sorry I was about to knock but you opened the door and walked into" said this manly voice
"It's ok I wasn't paying attention where I was going" I replied.
I finally looked up but the sun was too bright to see who it was. So I took the guys hand to help me up.
"Thank you so much" I said
I looked up at the mystery person who helped me up.
"You are Louis Tomlinson right?" I asked trying to act all cool
"Am guessing your a fan" he replied
"Yeah am a fan but not like one of them crazy fans you get" I tried to say
"Well that's good I was actually coming over to let your parents know that I am having a house warming party. Umm is your parents in so I could speak to them?" asked Louis 
"Oh my parents don't stay here they moved away when I was 16 and left this house to me so it's only me who's staying here so thank you so much for letting me know about your party" I replied.
"Ok well have a nice night girls" 
"We will thanks Louis"
I then started to close my door when I heard Louis shouting "I didn't get your name"
I thought to myself I should be mysterious towards him
"That's cause I didn't give it to you" I said and closed the door.
"Right we really need to go and get ready for this party" said Amber
"Ok lets go"
We were getting ready to go up the stairs when we heard the door go again. I walked over to the door and answered it as I opened the door I saw Louis standing there.
"Hey I was thinking why don't you and your friend come to the housewarming party and then I can get to know my neighbour?" Asked Louis
I quickly looked over at Amber and she shook her head saying yes
"Sure we will come what time do you want us to come over at?" I asked
"Whenever yous are ready" Louis replied
"Ok see you soon"
"OH come on please tell me your name?" asked Louis
"Fine! you took the mystery away from it all I am Sophia and my friend is called Amber" I replied
"OK Sophia I will see you when yous are ready bye"
"Goodbye Louis see you soon"

Louis POV
As I walked away from her door I was thinking wow she is really pretty am so happy she is coming to my party. I think Liam will like her friend Amber I definitely need to try and set they two up. I walked back into my house and the boys were sitting on the couch watching the telly. 
"Hey guys see for this party tonight I have invited my neighbour and her friend"
"Thats cool" said Niall 
The rest of the guys never answered because they were too busy watching tv.
I walked over to Liam "Listen mate my neighbour has a friend called Amber I think you would really like her and omg my neighbour is really pretty honestly I haven't seen anyone as prettier than her"
"Well hopefully you find yourself a nice girl and hopefully it is her"

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