The guy next door

A van pulls up and a guy So handsome tall and very muscular comes out the van listening to music and got weights in each hand you know you recognise him when the one direction song steal my girl then it clicks in your mind it is Louis for one direction he moved because him and ealanor have broken up. You two talk and become very close until one day the two of you fall in love.


1. introducing author Naomi Tritschler

Hi guys my name is Naomi Tritschler am a girl from Scotland/ Greenock this is my first fanfiction story that I have written so comment what you think and if anything should change but I really hope you guys will enjoy my story. And to all you Louis Tomlinson fans you will be happy as this story is based on him.

Right guys am going to write my story out and then in will put it down on here so I won't be long to publish another bit of the story

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