The Boss and Me

Jade is your average 14 year old. To stay in the high school of her dreams she has to work for one of the most ruthless law firms in New York City. Her boss though, is one of the most cunning, sexy, and secretive man she has ever known. And to top the sundae, she has the hots for him. What happens when they take a trip to California, is it for business or pleasure?


1. Starting Out.


Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. 

This blows. 

okay let me start from the beginning.

My name is Jade Abernathy. I'm 14, and have just started high school. Much to my dismay, I have chosen to be a Lawyer. And the school I'm in requires me to do a full year round internship program.


Sucks, I know.


Today is the day i have To go to my last interview. It's for this hotshot firm that only takesthe rich and elite for their clients.

I take the 4 train to 34 street and walk south. As I'm walking I'm wondering if I look okay for this interview. I wore an cream colored blouse that shows of just the right amount of cleavage and a navy blue pencil skirt with black 2 inch heels. When I walk into the office building it looks sleek and modern. Im greeted by a blond receptionist. I tell her that I have an interview to be the assistant for Mr. Black.


"I'm sorry but the person who is supposed to interview you is out today." says The receptionist.

"Let me call Mr. Black to see what I should do." 

She calls him and speaks to him for 1 minute and a half and directs me to the elevator saying that II have to get off on floor 21. 

Pressing the button 21, I look around me and check my reflection. I look good. The elevator ride takes about 1 minute until I finally get off at the right floor. When I get out the elevator I take in what's around me. It's mesmerizing. I tell yet another blond receptionist that Im here for the interview for the assistant position for Mr. Black.

She makes a call, briefly, and says " Mr. Black will see you now."

"Wait, I thought I was being interviewed by someone else." I say.

"Well today is your lucky day."



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