9 boys 1 girl 1 tour

Hi I'm Beth grace Irwin yes I'm Ashton's sister. My mom and dad are going on a business trip for a year so I have to join my brother on tour with his band 5sos. And leave behind all of my friends and my boyfriend. I have been together for a year and I do t know if we will survive this.


5. chapter 4

Beth's pov:

Luke pulled out a chair for me and I sat and smiled at him. I watched him as e sat down and then saw Mike walk up beside us with food and set it down and walk away. I picked at my food while Luke ate there was an awkward silence filling the air until Luke blurted out "why did you kiss me back that first day?" I was taken back I had no idea why I did I just did.."to be honest Luke I have no idea why...I just did" I kept picking at my food. He said "Beth eat you need food" I just nodded my head and ate. After the date was over I went to my room and he went to his. I felt kinda bad because I was trying to avoid him...well not just him everyone. I walked into the bathroom and looked at the toilet. I made my self throw up. I wiped my mouth and brushed my teeth and weighed my self. I frowned at the scale and muttered "I'm so flipping fat" I walks out and flop on my bed and get at text from no other than Jake. I looked at it and it said

J- you are a filthy cheating whore you were the biggest mistake of my life you were fat and ugly I tried to fix you out of pity but I realized you can't be fixed you are to screwed up to fix no one will ever love you....go die in a hole

I started silently crying. Everything he said was true. I scratched my wrists until they were raw since I couldn't find anything sharp.

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