9 boys 1 girl 1 tour

Hi I'm Beth grace Irwin yes I'm Ashton's sister. My mom and dad are going on a business trip for a year so I have to join my brother on tour with his band 5sos. And leave behind all of my friends and my boyfriend. I have been together for a year and I do t know if we will survive this.


4. chapter 3

Beth's pov: I looked Luke in the eye. "You love me?" "Yes I do of course I do how could I not" I looked down and smiled. He cupped my fave and kissed me....that's when Ashton walked in.

Ash's pov: hears Beth and Luke talking so I just listened in I heard every thing they said had this been going on behind my back for how long why didn't she tell me. I walked in and saw them kiss and I could tell it wasn't the first time "WHAT. THE. HELL.!" Beth said" ash I-I can explain" "yeah you better how long! Were you cheating on Jake?!" "Y-yes" she looked down. "Why would you do that? Why would you hide this from me!" "I'm sorry ash but Jake he just he wasn't right" I looked at Luke "and remember what I told you before we started the tour" he nodded his head. I said" what did I say" he said "to stay away from Beth and not to get involved with her" I shook my head in disbelief how could they do that behind my back.

Beth's pov: ash looked pissed as we watched him walk out of the door I said"he has no idea what Jake did" "why did you never tell him" "because I did love him but he didn't love me back I was stuck I cared to much to leave...that was until I met you" Luke held out his hand and said "come with me" "where are we going?" "You will see" he pulled me along.

Luke's pov: I was taking her to the roof of the venue the view was amazing up there and I had already set up a date for her and I. She kept on asking "Lucas where are we going?" I wouldn't tell her. We reached the door to the roof and I opened it reveling the roof that had lights hung and a nice dinner all set up for us I had Mike help me since he was the only one who knew.

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