9 boys 1 girl 1 tour

Hi I'm Beth grace Irwin yes I'm Ashton's sister. My mom and dad are going on a business trip for a year so I have to join my brother on tour with his band 5sos. And leave behind all of my friends and my boyfriend. I have been together for a year and I do t know if we will survive this.


2. chapter 1

Beth pov:

today is the start of the tour I have to go on because my mom and dad left so I'm left with my brother. We went to the airport where we would meet the boys. This is not the first time I will meet them but I don't know there names ash told me but I don't remember. When we got there a boy with bright red hair ran up to ash and hugged him. I saw a blond headed boy with a lip ring and another with almost black hair and he looked Asian. The Asian looking boy came up to me and said "hi I'm Calum you must be Beth and by the way I'm not Asian." I said "hi Calum." Then the blond boy walked up to me and said "h-hi I'm Luke." I said "hi Luke I'm Beth."

Luke's pov:

I saw Ashton's sister Beth get out of the car. She was soo beautiful with her light brown hair. She had on pink ripped skinny jeans and a floral crop top . After Calum introduced himself I went up to her and said "h-hi I'm Luke." Ugg I sounded like an idiot. Then she said " hi Luke I'm Beth."

Beth's pov: after I said hi to Luke the red headed boy came up to me and said " hi Beth I'm Michael but you can call me Mikey or mike. I don't care." I said " hi mikey." Then I heard somebody say " BETH!" I turned around and it was my boyfriend jake. I ran up to him and hugged him and said " jake I thought you couldn't come." He said " my boss gave me the day off." I smiled and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around my waist. I pulled away and said " I am going to miss your so much jake." He said " I will miss you to Beth." Then ash said " Beth we need to get going." Then he grabbed my arm and pulled me away.

Jakes pov: Beth go pulled away from me by ash. Then ash said " if you cheat on her I will break every bone in your body." And walked and away.

Luke's pov:

When I saw her kiss that guy I felt my heart break a little. She had a boyfriend. I really like her and I want to get to know her. I'm glad that she is going on tour with us. She walked up to me and said " so do you mind if I sit next to you on the plain if I sit by ash I will never get sleep." I said "ya you can sit next to me." We walked to the plain and we talked about music and I found out that she likes the same music I do. When we got on the plain she asked " where is the first show?" I said "London" she said " I've always wanted to go to London." Then a flight attendant asked us if we wanted anything to drink. Beth said " coke please." I said " coke." The lady handed us our drinks and left. Beth pulled out her earbuds and said " do u want to listen." I nodded and put the earbud in my ear.

*time skip to 30 minuets later*

Beth laid her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. She so beautiful when she is sleeping. I looked at her for awhile but then I got sleepy and fell asleep.

Beth's pov:

I woke up with my head on Luke's shoulder. I looked up at him he is cute like very cute. Ugg Beth what are you saying you have a boyfriend. I saw his eyes open so I looked away. Then somebody said " we will be landing in 10 minutes." Then I turned to Luke and said " I must of been asleep for most of the flight. " he said " you fell asleep about 45 minutes after we got on the plain and the flight is 3 hours. So if you would of been awake you would have been board." I giggled. When we landed I looked out of the window and saw London it was very pretty. I looked at Luke he was so cute when he was looking out of the window. Beth stop you are with jake. When we got off the plain there were fans and paps everywhere. I did not like big crowds. Luke put his arm around me and kept me close to him.

Luke's pov:

I looked at Beth and saw that she was scared of the crowd so I put my arm around her waist and kept her close to me. I felt her come closer to me when the screaming got louder.

Beth's pov:

Soon we saw two black vans pull up in front of us. Somebody put our luggage in. Luke helped me into the van. Calum Ash and mikey got in and we left. When we arrived at the hotel Luke helped me out of the van. There was an even bigger crowed and I knew why. This is of course the same hotel 1D is staying at. We walked through the doors me holding Luke's hand. And went to the elevator. Everybody got on except me and Luke because there was no more room. Me and Luke got in the elevator. Luke said "you don't like crowds do you?" I said "I hate crowds." I looked up at Luke and he looked at me. I felt like kissing him but I had a boyfriend. Ugg. Then I felt Luke press his lips against mine. I kissed back because when Jake kissed me I never felt this happy. I heard the elevator ding. We both pulled away and walked out. We walked to our suite. It had three bedrooms . Luke and Mikey shared one ash and cal shared another and I got my own room. Me and Luke walked in to the suite it was huge. Ash came up to me and said " your room is over there." And pointed to my room. I walked in and all for my luggage was there. I started organising my stuff when the door opened. I turned around and saw Luke. He locked the door and walked over to me. He said " we need to talk about that kiss." I said " um I uh I have a boyfriend but I don't know ugh." I looked down. Luke put his finger under my chin and lifted my head and said " Beth I really like you." And he kissed me agin. Gosh why does this boy have to do this. I kissed back. We both pulled away and I looked down and smiled. I mumbled to myself " I really wanted that to happen." But I was to loud because Luke said "did you now." I looked up at him and saw his perfect lips and his cold black lip ring. I couldn't help my self I smashed my lips onto his. He did not hesitate to kiss back. We pulled away and rested our foreheads on each other's. I said " Luke I don't not know what to do. I really like you but I have a boyfriend and I don't know how to handle this." He looked at me and said " I understand." He was about to get up but I grabbed his wrist and said " I don't know how to break up with jake." He looked at me and said "w-what you are going to break it off with him?" I said " yes Luke. Jake he is not the right person for me. But we can't tell anybody about us until I break it off with Jake especially ash he would kill you and then kill me." Then he said " well what are we going to say about me being in your room?" I said " you were helping me unpack." He nodded and we walked out. Ash asked " are you guys hungry?" I said " na I'm not." He walked up to me and said " if you start agin I will force food in your mouth and make you eat it I'm getting you a salad." The he turned to Luke and said " you hungry?" He said " no." The he left and it was just me and Luke. He asked sounding worried " what did ash mean by start agin?" I said " u-um I used to starve my self and when I would eat I would through it up." He looked at me and said " Beth why?" I said " I was well still am fat." He said " you are NOT fat you ARE skinny." I put my head down and smiled at him saying that Jake never said that. Luke put his finger under my chin and lifted my head. He kissed me and of corse I kissed back. We pulled away and he turned on the tv. We watched a movie and I fell asleep. I slightly woke up when Luke was laying me down on my bed. He started to leave but I said " stay with me please." He said " what if somebody finds us?" I said " lock the door then." He locked the door and took of his jeans. He laid down next to me and I put my head on his shoulder and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning with Luke's arms wrapped around my waist and my head on his chest . I looked up at him he was so peaceful and very cute. He said " morning." Then I said " crap crap crap." He looked up at me and said " what?" I said " how are we going to explain you not being in your room because you were in mine. Crap." He said " well we could say we were watching a movie and fell asleep." I said " perfect." Luke went to get up but I pulled him back down and kissed him. We both got up and walked out. As soon as I walked out I saw Mikey. He said " Luke why were you in Beth's room and not ours?" I said " we were watching a movie and fell asleep." The mikey said " then why was the door locked. Hm." I looked a Luke with a pancaked look. I said " mikey if I tell you can not tell anyone ash will kill both of us. Ok." He said "ok" I dragged him in to my room and Luke followed. I locked the door. Mikey asked " what is all of this for?" I said " so ash doesn't find out if he does he would kill Luke and then me." Mikey said " well what is it?" I said " I am cheating on my boyfriend Jake with Luke." He stared at us and said " I knew it." I said " h-how?" He said " well both of you looked really really happy when you came into the suite and when you and Luke came out of your room yesterday you were smiling a lot."

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