Hold Me Close, Don't Let Go

16 year old Rhiannon DelMonte has never been a normal teenager. She's been in more cities than she can count on all of her fingers and toes. She's never been one to get attached to people or to a certain place. So when she and her mother pack up for the millionth time and head to Australia, she may not be able to avoid a friendship with 4 quirky boys, but can she avoid an attraction to the oldest of those 4?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"Why exactly did you pick Sydney, of all places?" I asked my mom as she drove us to our new home. 

She shrugged. "I don't know, it just seemed like such a lovely place." 

"Mmhm." I put my headphones in and turned up the music as we drove down a bunch of unfamiliar things. 

I watched tons of buildings go by and none of them really stood out to me, suddenly a thought popped into my head as I pulled out a headphone. "Hey mom?"


"Where will I be going to school?"

She smiled. "Richmond High School."

"Sounds like it's gonna suck."

"Rhiannon! Don't be so quick to assume."

"Well, it's a school mom. It's not going to be fun at all. Especially when I'm the new girl...again."

She sighed. "I really don't want to have this conversation right now, look, we're here." She pulled into the driveway and parked the car. 

I got out and just stared. It was nice; not too big, not too small, but definitely something I'd expect to see in England...not so much in Australia. 

"Come on Rhiannon, we've got things to unpack! Then we need to get to bed early because I have to take you to the school tomorrow to get you enrolled. 

"Yipee." I said as I rolled my eyes, moving to grab a few boxes from the car. 


The last box was finally brought into the house and I collapsed onto my mattress on the floor. I just wanted to take a nap. I closed my eyes and just as I was about to drift into dreamland, the doorbell that we apparently had rang and I heard my mom call for me. 

I walked down the stairs and saw a woman around my mother's age, a man a little older than the both of them and a boy looking to be around my age. 

"Rhiannon, these are our neighbors!" Mom exclaimed excitedly. 

I put on a smile and introduced myself. "Hi, I'm Rhiannon."

The woman smiled and shook my head. "Hello! I'm Karen, this is my husband Daryl and our son Michael." 

"It's nice to meet you, but if you'll excuse me, I've got a lot of unpacking to do and a busy day ahead of me tomorrow."

"Of course! It was great to meet you, hopefully you and my son could become friends."

I looked at the bo- Michael and nodded, giving a little smile. "Hopefully." But really, I knew I wouldn't be here long enough to form a friendship with the guy.


"Come on Rhiannon! Up up up! Time to go to the school, I'll be in the car." 

I groaned at my mother's chirpiness. How the hell can she be so happy? We've been here not even a full day, there's no way she can already be used to this time change. I sat up and rummaged through one of my boxes before pulling out a pair of black skinny jeans and a Fleetwood Mac tee before slipping on a pair of vans and running to brush my teeth.


"Well that was faster than I was expecting." My mom smiled as I got into the car.

"Yeah yeah, let's just go please."


The school was a lot more intimidating than I thought. Not so much the actual building, rather the people walking around. I could see the standard cliques and even though they're all in uniform, you could see which students were the ones who thought they ran the place. 

"Come on! Let's go get you enrolled!" 

My mom walked right up to the doors, with me trailing far behind. My arms were crossed over my chest as I felt everyone's eyes on me. I looked over and saw the kid from yesterday, my neighbor, Michael. He smiled and gave me a wave and I nodded, giving him a small smile in return. His friends seemed to look between the two of us and I just continued walking before my mom started rushing me.


"Okay, so just to make sure we have everything spelled correctly, could you spell your name for me please?" The secretary asked, not even looking at me. 

"Uh sure. It's Rhiannon, R-H-I-A-N-N-O-N DelMonte, D-E-L-M-O-N-T-E."

She nodded. "Okay, you're all set! You can come start on Monday, since you've just moved here and I'm sure you're not used to the time change yet. You've gotten a uniform, correct?"

"Yes ma'am." I nodded. "Am i able to order more uniform clothes from a website or something?"

"Absoutely! Here, this is a paper that has all of the uniform order information on it." She said, handing me a paper.

"Thank you."

"Not a problem, any more questions?"

"Just one, uh, when will I be getting my schedule? On Monday?"

She nodded at me. "Yes, we still need to figure out what classes to put you in."

"Okay, thank you."

"Not a problem. Welcome to Richmond High School."

I nodded and walked out, holding my new uniform and a bunch of papers in my hands with my mom following me.

"Are you excited to start here?" My mom asked as we got to the car. 

"Mom, I can think of about 10 different emotions I'm feeling right now, and excited is not one of them."


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