Hold Me Close, Don't Let Go

16 year old Rhiannon DelMonte has never been a normal teenager. She's been in more cities than she can count on all of her fingers and toes. She's never been one to get attached to people or to a certain place. So when she and her mother pack up for the millionth time and head to Australia, she may not be able to avoid a friendship with 4 quirky boys, but can she avoid an attraction to the oldest of those 4?


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

You always think that your parents will make decisions based on what is best for you; whether it's the neighborhood you grow up in, or the school system you're put in. But that's not the case with my mother. She and my father split just after I was born and since then, she's moved us all over the country. I've lived in about 5 different states just in this past year, and it's only April. 5 different states, 5 different houses, and yes, 5 different schools all within 4 months. As you can imagine, switching schools so often doesn't help out so much with your social status. The way I see it, if I keep to myself and don't get close with anyone, it's easier for me when my mom decides to pick up and move is somewhere else.



When I got home from school, I shouldn't have been and wasn't surprised to see that she was packing up the living room.

I set my backpack down by the door and slid off my shoes before sitting on the couch. "So." I said and my mom looked over. "Where to now?"

She stood up straight and gave me a sad smile. "Australia."

"What?! Why the hell are we leaving the country?"

"I just figured it'd be a nice place to start fresh for the both of us."

Yeah, she said that about the last 3 places we've moved. I knew she meant well, but she's not helping me any by making me switch schools every couple of months. I mean, how am I supposed to be a normal teenage girl with friends and a social life when I literally can't get close to anyone because once I do, we'll be gone the next week?

I sighed. "How long do I have to pack?"

"We'll be out of here by Friday."

Great. 3 days to pack up all of my stuff and fly 9000 something miles away to start at another school in another city, but for the first time, in a completely different country.

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