Not Giving Up

My mother used to tell me my smile always lit up the room. "Don't you let anyone take that beautiful smile away, Cheryl." Now that I think back at it, all my life, since my parents have passed, that's all I've been doing. The day my life turned to hell was the day I stopped smiling. I had just thought I didn't have a reason to, but can you blame me? I was just a little girl when my parents were killed. My pack and my sister never comforted me, if anything they made me feel worse. I was broken. As I grew older, I thought I would never find that reason to smile.

All of that changed when I met Tyler and his pack, Blue Moon. They welcomed me in with open arms and made me feel at home. Soon enough I started to break down my walls I worked so hard to build up. Tyler stole my heart and blessed me with two beautiful pups. Now I can't find myself to stop smiling... that was... until he showed up in our lives...

*Sequel to Not Anymore*


2. No Control

Tyler's P.O.V.

It's been a couple days after the attack and losing my pup. There has been no words from Lucas or his mutts. Cherry is in our room laying down. When I left the room she was lying on her back holding Matthew in her arms so tight I though she was going to squeeze the life out of him, but I knew she would never hurt him. She can't stop crying. It's been hard on everyone, even the pack. We're all working our best to discover Lucas's hideout. I have faith that we'll finally put out that maniac and we can finally have our Michael back home.

Inside I'm going crazy knowing I have failed to protect him. I will stop at nothing to get rid of Lucas. He will pay for every harm he has done to not only me, but for everyone of his victims.

A faint knock was heard outside my door. "Come in," I said allowing whoever it was to enter my office.

"Alpha, we have word that Lucas has fled for the time being. That mutt we caught has not yet given us the information that is needed to take Lucas out," it was my beta, Dylan. I motioned him to sit down. Sitting down in my own chair, I looked at him.

"Dylan, we're friends, you know you don't have to call me Alpha," I took a sip of my coffee. It seemed to be the only thing I'm drinking lately.

"Yes, um... well.... uh, with everything that's happening, it seemed like the appropriate thing to call you," he replied.

"It's fine to call me whichever suits you best. As for that mutt, if there is not word from him in which we need by the end of tomorrow, kill him. He obviously won't tell us what we want to know so there won't be any use of him," I said with all seriousness. There was no time to waste. The sooner we find Lucas and execute him, the sooner I can have my whole family back together again.

Dylan nodded as he looked towards the pictures on the wall. There was one with Cherry and I. We were in wolf form and we were out for a run. Cherry thought it would be funny if she pushed me into the nearby pond, but just as she pushed me, I had pulled her with me and we both fell into the water. At that same time, Colin had came walking by and snapped a picture of us. Cherry was on top of me, biting my ear, while I was looking up at her. It was one of my favorite pictures of us.

"How's Cherry holding up?" I was brought out of my thoughts as Dylan spoke.

I sighed. "She won't eat or sleep. All she can do is cry her eyes out. I'm worried about her. She won't talk to the girls and she's always asking to be alone, but how much more alone time can I give her when I need her, too. I'm asking for Alyssa to come back to come talk to her. She'll be here in a couple of days with Gavin as well. Maybe Cherry will talk to her sister. I just don't know what else to do, Dylan. I lost one of my pups and I can't loose her, too," I noticed my eyes were getting watery so I quickly rubbed my eyes. Last thing I need is for anyone in my pack to see their Alpha crying.

"I can't imagine what you're going through, man. I can see it's really hard on you. But don't worry, we'll find this sick bastard and we'll put an end to this all. We'll get Michael back soon. You got the best trackers out there right now. We'll find something. For now, you should go be with your Luna. She might say she wants to be alone, but really all she wants is for you to be right next to her," I looked at Dylan and laughed.

"Since when did you become such an expert on girls?"

He smiled. "Since Victoria has me watching Pretty Little Liars with her on Netflix." I laughed once again and gave him a bro hug.

"Thanks man, you've helped me a lot. I couldn't ask for a better beta," I said to him.

"Alright, alright don't get all mushy on me," Dylan laughed," now go to her." I smiled and nodded. We walked out of my office and parted ways. I walked upstairs to our bedroom. Halfway there, I smelled an unknown scent. I ran and knocked the door off.

Cherry was being held by a man. She was tied up with duck tape on her mouth. I growled and called for back up through mind link. I took a step forward to go to her, but was stopped.

"Another step and I rip her head off," the man smiled, looking at her. I growled loudly, he didn't even flinch, just laughed. He had black hair, combed to back. He was wearing a red leather jacket with dark jeans and combat boots. He had a scrubby beard, making him look old. I had a feeling I knew who he was.

"Allow me to finally introduce myself," he said looking at me now. I could see Cherry struggling to get out of his hold, but I could smell that the ropes were soaked in silver. It was burning her skin. I could feel my wolf on the verge of taking over.

"I am the one and only, Lucas. It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Alpha Tyler," a hint of amusement in his voice. This mutt found this funny. I'll show him how funny this all is when I rip him limb from limb.

"Bad idea to come here unarmed, Lucas," I said, smirking at him. There was now pack fighters outside the room and outside the window in case he decided to jump through there.

Lucas laughed at me. "Please, you think I'm that stupid to come alone? I have wolves all around the area. I even took the pleasure of assigning most of them to watch over the lovely children in this pack. They're so cute. Running around, chasing each other. Whether that continues is up to you Alpha."

I growled once again. Looking at him dead in the eye. He only smiled. It took everything in me not to go over there kill him now. I was staying put for Cherry's sake. I could see the fear in her eyes. My wolf was coming out. He was taking over. I could feel my humanity slowly fading away.

"What is it that you want, Lucas." I snarled at him.

"I want to know where little Michael is. I was very specific I wanted two pups, not one. So, tell me. Where is my pup?"

Cherry's P.O.V.

Scared. That was the only emotion I felt right at this moment. I can't believe I can't fight back. That I became weak once again. Memories of my childhood came flooding back. When Alyssa would hurt me. Before I left, before I became stronger. I know I can easily get out of his grip, but I'm not fighting back. Why? Is it because I'm so vulnerable right now. I've let my guard down since loosing my baby. I've let myself become weak.

I looked at Tyler, only to see that it wasn't Tyler. His eyes were black and claws had came out. Oh no, no, no, no. His wolf had taken control. He lost his humanity. This was very bad.. very, very bad. When a wolf has taken over your body, you can stay in human form. Only, it's not you who's in control of your body, it's your wolf. If that happens, there's no telling what your wolf would do. In this situation, since Tyler is Alpha, his wolf is more aggressive. If he doesn't get what he wants, he may be capable of much more.

"Stand down, mutt, and I'll make sure your death is a quick and painless one," Tyler's wolf spoke. Everyone in the room now sensed that it wasn't Tyler speaking. We all knew this was going to be problem. Some even looked at me. I knew what they were thinking.

There are ways for someone to regain their humanity. This would be if someone was able to help remind them of it and bring them back; for them to gain control of their own body again. The person that was more likely to succeed in this task was their mate. In this case, me.

I nodded and looked at Lucas. He still had his hold on my arm. I felt so weak before, so weak that I couldn't even process what was going on. This man, this monster.. he was the reason I couldn't have both my babies with me. The reason Tyler lost control. The reason for my family suffering. I was going to make him pay. If it was the last thing I do. He will pay.

Thinking of a plan, I mind linked the pack fighters and ordered them to go protect the children and to take out any of the mutts that are found.

"But Luna, what about-"

"Go, I'll handle this. Just trust me. Go now!" they all retreated from the room. Tyler growled, but didn't take his eyes off Lucas.

"Ha, I knew this pack was weak. You can't even get your fighters to stay by your side," Lucas laughed. Something snapped in me. Pure anger built up in me. Angry because Michael couldn't be with his family. Angry because Tyler let his wolf take control. Angry because I couldn't have my parents here by my side. Angry because of Lucas. All this anger, I realized, I could use to my advantage.

Anger is a dangerous thing. It can be used against you in any situation. But it can also be used as a weapon to protect you. We're werewolves, Cheryl. Anger to us, is strength  to humans, but more powerful.

I remember my father telling me that. His words of wisdom echoing in my head. A weapon.

I took a glance at Lucas. He was focused on Tyler. I took this chance to kick him where the sun don't shine as hard as I could, but I didn't stop there. As soon as he let go of me and crouched down to the floor yelling curse words, I took the duct tape off my mouth. I grabbed him by the neck and pushed him hard against the wall, inches away from the ground. I looked him dead in the eye, he starred back with humorous eyes. Quickly, almost as if it wasn't there, a flash of fear was seen, but gone before I could blink.

"I swear, if you. Ever. Call my pack weak again, I will cut your tongue off and feed it to the crows. Do you understand?" I barked at him. He struggled for air and tried to fight back, but I only tightened my grasp. Through his struggles, he finally gave up and nodded, slowly loosing his breath. I let him fall to the ground. He grabbed his throat and gasped for air, coughing.

I looked towards Tyler. He was looking at Lucas. He marched over to him and grabbed him by the neck like I had seconds ago. I could tell Tyler was getting ready to end his life right this second.

"Tyler, stop! We can't kill him, yet," he ignored me," Tyler listen to me!" He glanced at me for a quick moment and turned back to his enemy.

"You know we can't kill him. Not now. We have to figure out if there is any more mutts watching us. We have to protect the pack, Tyler, please." I grabbed his arm gently. His eyes turned back to me. I gave him a worried look and he sighed. His wolf might be in control, but he knew I was right. He let go Lucas's neck, but grabbed him by the arm.

"I'm taking him to the dungeon for questioning. I'll be sure he's guarded so he can't escape," he said without looking back. I followed him, but before I could leave the room, Tyler turned around looking at me.

"Stay here, I'll send someone to watch over you until I get back," he spoke, seriousness all in his voice. He gave me this look that said not to argue with him. Being the stubborn me, I didn't obey.

"No, I'm coming with you. I can't leave you alone, seeing as you aren't really Tyler, huh wolfie."

He growled and took a step forward. Lucas was not fighting back anymore as he probably thought it was useless at this point.

"If you don't stay in this room, you'll be on lockdown," Tyler warned. He wasn't kidding. Not at all. Being in lockdown means I'll be in locked up in a windowless room for as long as he wants. There would be two guards outside the door and a pack member would be sent to bring food. I've seen rarely any pack members in lockdown. Only trouble making teenagers who break the rules. I wasn't a child so I wasn't about to let Tyler do that to me.

"Really? You would have me caged up like an animal instead helping you getting our son back?" I said on the verge of tears. I held them back. I had to be strong, for the pack, for Tyler, and for my baby.

"if it means keeping you safe, yes," and with that he left the room, dragging Lucas with him. He left, to go prison our enemy. He left, anger clearly in his voice. He left, so he wouldn't have to see the pain I was feeling. He left.

"Tyler," I whispered.



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