Restless Roads Z.M

Carter is on a trip to find her boyfriend in a foreign country where he was on a working trip. As her journey goes along, she meets strangers and finds a few surprizes of her own from the people whom she will least expect it from.


2. Chapter 2

"Thanks for driving me Slone." I said as I got out of the car. 

"Sure thing, Love. Be safe." We said our final goodbyes and she drove off. I turned around and my eyes met the huge airport. I walked in, got my stuff checked and 
waited for the aeroplane to board. 

"Flight 3456 boarding right now, I repeat flight 3456 boarding." The monotone voice said through the intercome. I stood up from my seat and walked past the people hugging
eacother with tears in their eyes as they clung to one another. I felt bad for all these couples and families saying goodbye for probably a long time, while I'm about 
to go on the most exiting trip of my entire year. The nice lady at the front taking the tickets smiled at me as I aproached her so I returned the gesture. 

"F4, F4, F4..." I whispered to myself as I searched for my seat amongst the endless rows. I finally found my seat and sat down. A man about 30 came and sat down next to me.
We didn't talk much. Just a casual 'Hi' and 'Nice to meet you.' The space between my seat and the person infront of me was way too small for my liking so I pulled my 
knees up to my chest. As soon as I got comfortable I put in my head phones and the soft angelic voice of Ed Sheeran filled my ears. I just love him. 

A few hours into the flight the man next to me shook me awake and pointed to the ceiling of the plane and I pulled out my earphones. 

"I'm sorry to announce that our flight will be delayed because of an storm ahead. We will be landing at the nearest airport which is in Browndell, Texas. The next time 
it will be safe to fly long distance is in about a week. We will be landing shortly. Thank You for you're patience." I groaned. 

"A whole week! That's sucks ass!" I exclaimed.

"Well I'm not too thrilled about it either." The guy next to me said. 

We landed in about 15 minutes after the announcemnt. I was so happy to get off the plane but also really bummed that I won't see Paul in about 2 weeks. It was like 1 in the 
morning. I decided to search for a motel or something. Inbetween all the people I could see the flickering 'open' sign of a dodgy pub in the distance. It was early morning 
and I had no where to go... I might as well get a drink. I started walking toward the pub. A line of vintage Harlies lined in the parking lot. It looked exactly like I imagined it.
i've went clubbing before but never went to any real old pubs with old guys drinking away their sorrows. I went through the little,wooden,swinging doors. The smell of alcahol 
filled my sences. A few guys were playing pool and others were just sitting around. There were way less people than what you'd guess from all the bikes outside. 

I sat down at one of the small barstools. An old man came and sat down next to me. You could hear his words slurring off his tounge and the alcahol was clearly evident in his 
behavior. He put his hand very high on my leg and started talking to me. I didn't listen to anything he was saying. Instead I saw the bartender looking at me. I shot him 
a worried look and he nodded.

"C'mon Des. Leave the poor girl alone. You should go back to your wife. I'll get you a cab." He peeled the man off of me and took the old, perverted man outside.

When he came back I could observe him better. He was really good looking. He had a jet black quiff styled resting comfortably on his perfetly tanned olive skin. 

"I'm really sorry about him. We don't often see such beautiful girls like you around here. And he has a few problems at home."

"Yeah, Uhm... No problem. Thanks though."

"Can I get you anything?" 

"Surprise me..." I mumbled as I rested my head in my arms. He nodded and went to collect another order. This was all really messed up. I was almost asleep when I heard 
the sound of a glass gliding across the marble counter, landing right under my nose. When I looked up I could see the bartender grinning at me. I peeped a small 'thanks' towards him.

"Hey, do you know any car services around here? I need to be in Essex as soon as Possible." I asked him while I had his attention. He shook his head.

"Nah sorry love. Not much around here." 

I cursed under my breath. I noticed that he didn't own an american accent like the rest of the people here. He had this soft british ring to it. His phone started ringing
and he quickly answered. 

"Hi Matt. Yeah I know. I don't have the money to pay you back. What?! 500 pounds?! That's mad. Well, I didn't think it would be that much! I'll get it in time. Bye"

He threw his phone on the counter and gripped his hair in his hands.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit." He muttered under his breath. 

I spoke up.

"I know it's wrong to listen to your converstation, but I think you need some serious cash fast. And I would be willing to help."

He looked up to me and raised an eyebrow. I put on my best smile. 

"I will give you 500 dollars cash, if you could drive me to LA.?" I tried to  sound as convincing as possible. He started laughing.

"Are you serious? 500 dollars just to drive you to LA? Wait, I know what you are." He said mockingly.

"Excuse me?" I asked confused.

"I know what you are, Rich girl takes daddy's money to travel around the world, her plane gets stuck in a little town, Has her first drink in a real randown pub and is 
all alone in the big, scary world. " 

"What? Oh My Gosh. You know what, forget it. I'll take MY money and get out of here." I was about to grab my bag. 

"Wait! I'm sorry. I really need the money. I'll drive you." He sighed and went back to serve another customer. It was getting cold and my eyelids were getting heavy.
I got my parka coat and snuggled into the comfortable faux sheep fur.

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