Restless Roads Z.M

Carter is on a trip to find her boyfriend in a foreign country where he was on a working trip. As her journey goes along, she meets strangers and finds a few surprizes of her own from the people whom she will least expect it from.


1. Chapter 1

"I love you too. Yeah, I'll tell her. Be save, I miss you. Bye."

I pressed the red button as it notified me that the phonecall has ended. I miss him so much. It felt like someone has a killer grip on my throat and the grip gets
tighter as each day passes. The pain only lessens when I get a skype call or email from him. You see, my boyfriend, Joe has a job in ,LA,USA while I'm 
stuck her in Essex. Since he left I haven't done anything, really. I was too busy sulking too realize that the four walls around me was starting to close in on me. 

Today I was going to do something with myself. I texted Slone to ask her if she wanted to join me at the mall. I quickly got a reply from her saying that she agreed.
I got dressed and collected my handbag and car keys before I walked out the door. After tody I'm sure that I will feel better. When I arrived at the mall I could see 
Slone's dark hair and petite body hunched over at one of the booths in the food court as she looked at her phone. 

"Hey Slone." I said as I slid into the bench infront of her. 

"My God Carter! You scared the bloody hell out of me!" Her irish accent rang in my ears. She was an exchange student from Galway. She got here a year ago and
we instantly became friends. 

"I haven't seen you in ages! What have you been upto?"

"Nothing! I relly feel so boring,I dont know what to do with myself." 

"I know! We should get our hair coloured!" I didn't like the idea but after alot of talking she convinced me. She dragged me to the salon and whispered into the
stylist's ear and she nodded. 

After almost an hour of sitting in the chair, facing away from the mirror, I was finally aloud to see my face. When she turned me around, I no longer had the long 
dark brown hair framing my face. The style I had known for so long was now replaced with a dark auburn bob cupping my face. I smiled, I really liked the new look. From
behind me I could hear Slone squeeling and clapping her hands. 

"Darling! You look amazing!" We paid and sat down at a cute cafe.

"I really miss Joe, Slone." 

"You should go surprise him. He'll not know about a thing! Just imagine bursting into his dorm room and... his face! Awww...-"  I blocked her out as she started rambling 
her plan. The thought of it wasn't that bad. I startd planning my whole trip in my head. As soon as I get home I was going to bok my plane ticket. 

After another two hours of shopping I decided to go home. I got my laptop and went to American Airlines. As soon as I got my tickets, I started packing. I leave tomorrow.
I got my pj's and pur my hair in a ponytail before I went to bed. Tomorrow's a big day.

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