Cuddle Up and remember

It sounds like an inappropriate story but its not dont worry

18 year old Lili is having trouble at home with her abusive mother and her racist father so thinks up a plan to escape and find a loving family to take her in.


2. Tumbling to the end

Louis' POV

I was still looking at him while he was standing up getting ready to chase after me. "LOUIS!" Shouted Zayn. One minute he was there the next i saw black. I couldn't feel anything, see anything, hear anything. Just black. 


Zayn's POV

It failed. I was sure it would work but it failed. He just stood up and started walking away. But he was still looking at me as if to say, 'Please, Leave me alone.' He was still looking at me but he needed to watch where he was going. I was just about to tell him to watch out when he started running... backwards when he just fell. first was his head. Whacking against the wall. I couldn't help myself, " LOUIS!" I shouted in panic. He was tumbling down the staircase now. Suddenly the boys ran out. They new that something was wrong. I was trying to catch up with Louis tumbling down the stairs until he stopped. his leg had got caught on the railings. "OH MY GOD ZAYN WHAT DID YOU DO!" Niall yelled at me. I was about to reply when he called the Ambulance. 

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