Cuddle Up and remember

It sounds like an inappropriate story but its not dont worry

18 year old Lili is having trouble at home with her abusive mother and her racist father so thinks up a plan to escape and find a loving family to take her in.


1. Plan made to fail

Zayn's POV

I have never been so happy in my life. I have just got engaged to the girl of my dreams, but there is still a part of me which i cant change until the problem is fixed. Louis has been really sad and upset for a while and he wont tell anyone why. He just says, 'yeah mate i'm fine,' but he's not. That's why i'm moving this to a higher level. He's bound to tell me and that's what i'm hoping for. "Louis, mate. What's up. Oh, and don't tell me nothing's wrong because i know you. I can see that you're upset and i'm not leaving until you tell me.


Louis' POV

I can't help but feel, well jealous. Niall is married to Isabell, Harry is married to Chloe, Liam is married to Ashley and Zayn has just got engaged to Cerry. Then there is me, stinking old Louis who nobody fancies. Just as I thought things were bad enough, Zayn comes and pushes me to confess. No. No i cant. What will he think of me? He wont leave until i tell him. "Look Zayn i'm fine! If you're not leaving then i am." I kept looking at him as i walked away. 

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