Who knew a meet and greet could change my life? The boy I once hated, now seems to have my heart. The hazel eyed fool had me wrapped around his finger, and as soon as he was done he could just flick me away—forgetting what we once had. But once fooled; I knew the end, but it was only the Beginning.

{Cameron Dallas, Hayes, Nash Grier}


2. Prologue




The house was located right on a pew of the Florida keys. I had lived there since I was a little girl, knowing it like the back of my hand. But when a disaster hurricane hit I knew I had to leave. Leaving friends behind wasn’t as hard,  but leaving a once loved boy was. He went by the name of ‘Cameron’. Cameron Dallas, yes. The now famous boy living the dream. He was a best friend, one I could go to. The one that treated me like a Princess. Leaving was hard, but not as hard knowing we would never see eachother again- or so i thought.



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