drift away

15 yr old Star Moore just reached highschool tries to fit in with everyone but her insecurity gets a hold of the way she feels. She feels that she never fit in so she decided to take pills one day and all because a football player ditches her at a game right when she tries to get a boyfriend. And feel like she's worth something so read star's diary to feel the struggles and her pain of the way she feels about her life turns from good to a hell life.


2. someone stood up

Dear diary, the best day ever I sat alone at breakfast for only three days straight then a random girl came to me n told me I can sit with her table so I did. It felt like I was noticed I was special to someone. at first I was nervous and a lil shy. Then I opened right up to them one girl named Shelby said her freshman year she felt like me now she's a sophomore and is popular as can be! I can't wait to be a sophomore! And all day Kate a freshman from England who moved to California this summer hung out with me all day! I was happy I made a friend my aunt Dana was happy when I told her about my magnificent day at school. Well that's all I can think of ... Better get started on algebra homework 

Love, Star

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