Not Just Another Fan


3. why me?

Sorry my chapters are short, but there are gonna be a lot of them,,, so yep :)


"Uhh yeah.. I cant find my phone anywhere, have you seen it?" I asked hoping he wouldn't ask why.

" uh..... That's what I came here to give you" I opened the door slowly so he couldn't see my face, I stuck out my arm and took my phone from him "Thanks" I said, closing the door

"Whats that on your arm?" He asked "uhh...... Bruises?" I said hoping he would leave it alone. "Nope, that's not true" he said opening the bathroom door obviously not caring of I was naked, I wasn't . "Luke I don't want to talk about this right no-" I was cut off by his lips crashing into mine. I deepened the kiss when my hands flew to his hair. I pulled away "Sorry" he mumbled "No, it's fine, it was nice." I said with my hands still around his neck.

He picked my up bridal style and carried me to his car, he put me in the passenger seat and hopped in the drivers seat. I was debating whether or not I should ask him the question I was thinking of, I finally gathered up the confidence to ask him. "Luke?" I said looking at him "Yeah" he said watching the road ahead. "Can I ask you something?" "Sure" he said "When I met you at the meet and greet, why did you take interest in me? I mean....... All those girls where way prettier than me, but yet you took interest in me? Why Luke, why me?"

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