Not Just Another Fan


2. the meet and greet

Sorry guys I know my chapters are short, but I don't have much time on my hands seeing that I have to get everything ready for school and such, so any requests or tips would be really nice ;)

Emerys POV

"Where do you think you're going?" My dad asked looking very mad.

"To the concert, remember?" I said, hoping he wouldn't hit me

"Well then, have fun and be safe" he said

"Thanks" I mumbled getting up and walking out of the house

*skip to end of concert*

I was backstage when Luke and Calum entered the room, I was wearing a Green Day T-shirt with black high wasted skinny jeans and black Vans with a least her jacket to cover the bruise on my arms. "Oh my god its cake!!!!" A girl from behind me shouts and I look at het smiling, Luke looks at het and smiles, he then looks at me and said "Hi I'm Luke" he hugged me tight. Say something stupid! I thought to myself. "I'm Emily.. Oops sorry, Emery" I said obviously embarrassed. My jacket sleeve shifted as I hugged him and he saw the bruises. "What the hell?!" Calum said yelling and walking towards me. "Uhh....." I said and thought: you idiot, Emery, you fucking screwed up this time. Luke looked at me, then at my arm, he then signaled Brad, the security guy, to come over and told him to take me to the dressing room. Calum followed shortly behind.

"Hi I'm Calum" he said to me. "Emery" I said. "So Emery, tell me, who's been doing this to you?" He asked calmly. Out of nowhere I just burst out in tears. "M-my d-d-dad" I said sobbing really loudly, Calum just held me. "I'm so-sorry Calum" I said to him, "shh it's okay,I inderstand, but why would he do this?" "I don't know, he's always been like this. He hurts me every single day"

Lukes POV

He hurts me every single day" I heard her say.

"What the hell is going on in here?" I said walking towards Emery and Cal. "Why is he doing this to you?" I asked her in the calmest way possible even though my blood was boiling with anger. She didn't answer at first, but then she looked at me with puffy eyes "I cant stop him, he's to strong and I'm afraid he might kill me if I tell anyone" she said with as the tears rolled down her cheeks. Calum held het tighter. "Where else did he hurt you?" I said with anger filling my body. She got up, not saying a word, she took her jacket off, and took off het shirt, leaving herself in a black lace bra. I walked in circles around Emery, grazings fingertips over her stomach and that's when I got to her back. She had a huge bruise in the small of her back, "Ouch" she said softly as I touched her bruise, I could tell it was recent.


He touched my stomach, not seeing my belly ring...... I hope, then when he came to my back, he saw the bruise, touched it and DAMN did it hurt. "Come with me" I heard Luke say, so I quickly put my shirt back on, I looked at Calum, who was sitting there in shock, and I followed Luke to a room with a bed, "You should probably get some rest, you're not going back home" he said to me "Look Luke Hemmings, I know you're trying to help me, but you don't even know me" I said as tears filled my eyes "I don't care, you're beautiful and your personality is way to beautiful to be abused like that again. Without saying a word, I got into the bed and laid there for a few minutes then I felt the covers lift and the mattress dipped, I turned around to see who it was and that's when I saw Luke next to me.

*beep beep*

"Hello?" I answered my phone.

"EMERY AMANDA SCOTT!! Where the hell are you?" My dad said, obviously furious at me

"Dad, there's still an hour of the concert left" I lied

"Okay but hurry home lovely" he said really happy, NOT NORMAL.

"You're not going home, you know that right" Luke said as he wrapped his arms around my waist

*skip till next morning*

"Good morning" Luke said to me, his arms still holding me

"Umm........ Where's the bathroom?" I asked still very sleepy.

"Down the hall, first door to your left" "Thanks" I said running down the hallway. "Where is it, where is i-" I got cut off by Luke, "Emery? Are you okay?"

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