Not Just Another Fan


5. the basement

Hey guys thanks for all the support, sorry i haven't updated in a while, the wifi keeps cutting off and so on so here's the next chapter, hope you like it --Dani

Lukes POV

"Sir, sir!" A nurse said trying to get my attention, I ignored het at first, but then she said: "Sir please you need to leave the room so we can help her" I left the room, and the nurse said something about medication she had to take, but I decided to leave the hospital and go get something to eat.


I woke up in a hospital......... Again.. Then I heard the door opened, my dad walked in, "Hello you little whore" he said to me. I reached for the nurse button, but he grabbed my hand and held my wrist so tight, my hand started to go numb, "You're coming with me!!!" He yelled. "No!!! Let go of me!!!" I said with tears in my eyes.... The next thing I knew, everything went black.

I woke up somewhere dark, it was cold and very damp, my head hurts like hell!!! Suddenly a light went on I saw my dad standing there with a wooden baseball bat in his hands, "Glad you're back Emery" he said hitting the wall with the bat. "Where am I? LET ME GO!!!!" I said to him whilst crying. "SHUT UP BEFORE THE NEIGHBORS HEAR YOU"

Black went everything

I woke up three to four days later, not in the basement, Luke was next to me. "Hey beautiful" he whispered. "Where's my dad?" I asked. "They haven't found him yet" he said with a frown. "Oh" was all I could say.

Hey everyone, sorry for the short chapter, I'm really busy getting everything ready for school and such, thanks for everything :)- Dani

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