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6. I think its cute

Hey guys sorry for not updating, but school has started and its hard because we have enough homework to keep an army busy for a year and a half so these are gonna be short chapters, but as I've said before there are gonna be a lot of them.. Love ya all sooooooo much!!!!!!!!--Dani. :----)


Wait they haven't found my father? No this can't be right, I was in a basement, tied to burglar bars, how did they find me?...

"How did you find me?" I asked was I looked at Luke. "Well I remembered I put your 'find my iPhone' on and I tracked it to the dumpster behind the basement and I heard you crying and screaming for help and then suddenly stopping, I looked through the window thingy and there you were, I called the cops and your mom, she's in the waiting room." "Oh.... And Luke..." I said. "Yeah he said with tears filling his eyes at the memory of me being so hurt. "Whats the date?" "The 16th of March, why?". Oh my god!! It's my birthday!!! I have to het out of this place... No no no I can't, I have to recover first!!! "Uhh..... It's my birthday." I said to Luke and he kissed my forehead. "Happy birthday princess."

***three days later***

"Mrs Scott." Said the doctor. "Uhh yes?" "Do you want to go home?" "Home?" I looked at my hands. Just then Luke walked in and said "she'll be coming home with me, because her parents passed away" the idiot literally lied through his teeth. "Is that true?" The nurse asked me " yes it is true" I said. Then Calum suddenly walked in there with Ashton, Michael, the 1D boys following him and apparently the four boys from The Vamps wanted to see me too.... Weird I know.... "Hello there, love" said the one with the piercing blue eyes and blond hair "My names Tristan, that's James, Connor and Brad." He said gesturing to the boy with the dirty blond hair, then to the short blond and then to the boy with brown hair and brown eyes. "We wanted to meet the girl that Luke has been yammering on about for weeks now" said Harry. I looked at Luke and he blushed. "Well hi then, I'm Emery and how has Luke been yammering on about me if we had just met at the meet and greet a couple of days ago?" I asked Harry. "Well you see" Calum interrupted " Luke has been going on about this Mostert girl on insta-"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP" a girl yelled and ran into my room and turned on the tv. I recognized her immediately, it was Charlotte, my best friend!! "Char?" I asked, she looked at me and pointed to the screen

^^on the tv^^

"We are here on the scene where Luke Hemmings found Emery Scott at her dad's house in Chicago an we can verify that police have captured het father and arrested him for child abuse against his daughter and for the rape an murder of 7 year old Amanda Miles and 15 year old Lucy Maine"

Charlotte then switched off the tv and hugged me so tight. I then looked at Luke and said "they finally found him, he's gone and I'll never have to see him again" then Michael came to me and said "you will have to see him again, in court when you testify" " but Michael I can't, I'm to scared of him" then Calum interrupted "as I was saying Luke knew you where coming to the show because he stalks you on Instagram and twitter" Calum then sat dien and Luke gave him a death stare. I looked at Luke "I think its kind of cute" I said and he smiled at me kissing me on the cheek. SHIT.... I forgot that Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Brad, Tristan, Connor, James, and Ashton where there.

Sorry, I know this is a shitty chapter, and I apologize for all my grammar mistakes😳😳😁😁

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