Not Just Another Fan


4. home?

Hi guys sorry i didn't update in a long time, I'm on a farm with no wifi :(

"Luke, where are we going? I thought we were going to my house!" I asked him

"Don't you remember?, I said you're never going there again!" He said to me looking frustrated.

"Well then, where are we going?" "To a hotel, where you'll be safe" he said. "Well, I kinda need clean clothes, so if you could just stop by my house and I'll hop out and het some clothes real quick." I asked him. "But what if your dad hurts you whilst you're there?" He questioned, "Luke, my dad's not home, he's at work" I said to him, really desperate to get more comfortable clothes. "Ugh, fine, but if he's home, I'll never forgive myself!" "It won't be your fault, you just have to park at the corner of the street so none of the neighbors see you, we have some serious Ditectioners and 5SOSers in my street." I laughed. "Haha very funny, you're joking? Right?" He asked concerned. "Nope" I said with a smile and popping the "p". He just laughed.

We finally got to the corner of the street where my dad lives and I ran as fast as I could to avoid any neighbors. I unlocked the door to my house and ran up the stairs to my room, I shut the door behind me, grabbed my old middel school duffel bag from under the bed and started frantically chucking clothes from the closet into the bag, I ran to my bedside table, grabbed my charger and put it in the bag.

"BAM" the door closed

"Emery? Are you here" it was my dad. He sounded angry. What do I do now?

"Uh.... Yeah dad" I replied realizing that it was probably the worst mistake I have ever made! Then, my door flung open and my dad stood in the doorframe arms crossed, red in the face.

"Where the fuck have you been?" He asked really angrily.

"I got lost and then found my way, I couldn't call you because my battery died, sorry dad" I said trying to hide the duffel bag.

"What's that?" He said pointing to the duffel bag. "Uh, my bag" "Why is it full?" He said, I noticed he had a bottle of vodka in his other hand."Why do you have an empty bottle if what used to be vodka in your hand?" I asked pointing at the bottle. He the walked towards me, I backed away until I hit the wall. "NO!!!!!!!" I yelled as he hit me through the face and when I fell to the floor he kicked me in my waist repeatedly.

"No!!!! Stop!!!!!! Please!!!!! I'm sorry!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!! SOMEBODY HELP!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed and then the front door opened. My dad stopped and then I saw Luke come running, no not even running, sprinting up the stairs and punching my dad in the stomach, knocking his wind out and causing him to faint. "Em, Em stay awake keep your eyes on me, stay awake!" I heard Luke say and then everything went black.

"She's waking up" I heard someone say. I turned my head and saw Luke sitting next to me. "Hey" he whispered, "Where am I? Where's Simon?" I asked and he looked confused. "Umm your mum and Simon are on their way here" he said calming me down. "How are you feeling?" A familiar voice asked, It was Calum. "Tired, hungry, and my waist and face hurts.... A lot" "Ill het you some food!" Ashton said running out of the door. "Hey wait!" Michael and Calum said simultaneously. I turned my head so that I faced Luke "Thank you" I half whispered to him "I'm just glad you're safe" he said pecking my lips. My vision started to fade.

*beep beep*

*beep beep*

The machines went off

"NURSE!!!!!!" Luke yelled

"NURSE!!!!! NURSE!!!!"

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