Not Just Another Fan


7. Familiar part one

Hey guys sorry I have no excuse for not updating in a while, I guess I'm just lazy,,, soooo here's a chapter........ ❤️❤️

Brad, Brad, Brad, I know him from somwhere, umm think Emery, think!!!!!!!! "YES!!!!!!" I yelled accidentally, I remembered where I met Brad, I met him in London at my mom engagement party thingy,, he was my older cousins date,,, I wonder if he remembers me??? "Emery are you okay?" Ashton said running into the room, ohhh yeah I was staying at Luke's house with Liz for a while. "Yeah Ash sorry, I was thinking out loud again." "Hahaha no problem, hey, you want pizza?" Damn what is it with these boys and pizza, or any food for that matter??? "I could eat" I said hopping out of bed and going to the bathroom, I looked at my face in the mirror and wow did I look bad? Or was it just the fact that I'm me?... I then looked at my arms, my cuts are now scars, my little cousin, Graham, always said that people who cut themselves are angels that don't like life on earth and want to return back home, his mother was an angel, but she went back home three years ago. Andrew said that these are battle scars, my mom doesn't know, well Andrew caught me cutting and promised not to tell my mom, and Simon, who cares about that dipshit??

"Helloo...... Earth to Emery... Pizza or what??"

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