Unknown guardian

I can't be I'm-im not! You're lying!" She stutters. "Listen we all are Jennifer, now you can do this the easy way or the hard. Which is it going to be?" He speaks ever so softly, "no! How can you expect me to believe that?" She yells quite angered with the information given "hard way it is then.." He says quite disappointed and everything fades away...


2. work


Present day

March 22, 2019

Jennifer's pov

*BEEP BEEP BEEP * the alarm clock screams "ugh.. Shut up!" I smack my alarm. -5:30am- ugh I have morning shift today :( I get out of my bed and go to the restroom. "Well don't I look like a raccoon today!" I sigh I forgot to take my makeup off last night. I grab a robe realizing I'm only in undergarments :| I kick off my clothes when I sleep. It's a habit of mine that I hate! I grab a towel and hop in the shower. ~~5:55am- I hop out the shower and put on my undergarments and wrap a towel around my body. I'm not that skinny :/ I'm just really short. I'm 5'4 and I'm seventeen, my thighs have like barely a crack if you count that, my stomach has a very tiny little lump. To me it's the hugest thing, compared to my friend who's in school she's 5'9 and skinny, she has a flat stomach, a thigh gap, and she's gorgeous, she hardly wears make up! Me on the other hand I probably look like a cake compared to her :/ I am older. -6:15am- i end up wearing a converse sweater w/ black tights and a red beanie, did I ever mention I LOVE beanies? Well I do! Ever since I was young. I curl my hair and let it fall down my back. I grab my iPhone and head to work. Yes work, I work in a food place, it's by Starbucks and nandos. The place is called 'make a cake' it's amazing it's like a bakery, but like I get to make cakes, and smoothies, and food. I once got yelled at for eating on the job :D but since our manager is cool she let it slide and ended up eating with me 😂 -7:16am- i arrive and park the car. "You're here early jenni!" I jump back in surprise as I hear my friend Zoe talk. "Zoe! You scared the shit out of me! And yes I am aha I woke up early and left around 6:30." She nods and we hug then head inside. -7:55am- "Jenni love mind putting up the sign it's time!" I nod and put up the open sign. "Ready for fun?" I ask she smiles "bring on the customers!" She says. Today was pretty empty surprisingly! I was actually glad I was tired asf! *ring* the little bell goes off. "Jenni be a dear and go be the waitress?" I stare into space so I don't hear her. "EARTH TO JENNI!" I get hit in the head with a straw "hey! What was that for!" She laughs "you didn't listen! Now go get the orders!" I nod and put on the apron & head to the table. There were 5 boys, all good looking. "Hello, my name is jenni and I'll be your waitress what can I getcha?" They smirk "you're number?" One of them says I scoff typical boys 😒 "he's kidding love, what do ya sell here?" The one with brown hair says "Well we have food and drinks,." He chuckles "what type of drinks?" I smile "well since it's winter were selling some specials, but we have smoothies, coffees, and soft drinks." The one with the black hair smiles "what are the specials?" He says "well we have a pumpkin spice it's really good, and we have eggnog, and peppermint." He smiles "I think I'll take the peppermint." I nod and take out the note pad and scribble pmc a code for peppermint coffee. "And you lads?" The one with blue eyes and brown hair speaks "is there anything with carrots?" I smile carrots are bawmb I fricken love them "OF COURSE! I mean what would we be without them!" He smiles at me "a bad bakery!" I laugh " okay if you're like me and you're in love with carrots, then you should try the C-cake surprise it's amazing!" He nods "I'll get that then!" I smile and write it down "what would you recommend ?" The one with brown eyes and hair asks politely "um depends on what you like, but my favourite besides the carrot one, is the banana mango blast !" He smiles "I'll get that one." I nod "and you two ?" The one with curls says "I'm still leaning towards your number, but I'll get the banana split frap!" I chuckle "that one is good if you love bananas." I say completely ignoring the whole my number part. "And you mate?" I ask the blonde one who is staring intently at me with his ocean blue eyes "I-i um." He blushes "what would you recommend ?" I smile kindly at his nervousness "um what's your favourite fruit?" He thinks "I don't have one." I nod "well you can try the tropical beach breeze it's a mix of fruits it's actually good, aha I've tried it before." He nods and I smile and walk off & hear them start talking silently behind me. "took ya long enough, they were cute ;)" I laugh "and they took long so not my fault!" She smiles and winks "they were checkin you out!" I blush "shut up!" She laughs and we go back there to get their drinks. I put them on the tray and carry them out. "Here's your drinks." I say and place them down they all smile and take a sip, I walk away but get called back "wait!" I turn "something wrong?" The curly one shakes his head "no, I never got your name. I'm Harry." I smile "well nice to meet you Harry, I said my name already." He laughs and his dimples show out on his cheek. "Jennifer!" The one with blue eyes and brown hair yells and I nod giggling "this is amazing !" They all say and I laugh. -24:00am- what a day "ima head out think you can close up?" I nod "thanks babe." I smile and put my earplugs in and start cleaning off the counters, when ride by somo comes on and I start to sing it "Take off those heels, lay on my bed

Whisper dirty secrets while I'm pulling on your hair. Poison in our veins, but we don't even care

Candles dripping on your body, baby this ain't truth or dare. Everybody wonders where we've run off to. My body on your body, baby sticking like some glue. Naughty, let's get naughty, girl it's only one or two.The fever's fucking running, feel the heat between us two!

I'm gon' ride, I'm gon' ride I'm gon' ride, I'm, I'm gon' ride on you baby On you lady, all night, all, all night! I'm gon' take care of your body, I'll be gentle, don't you scream it's getting hotter, make it softer,Feel your chest on top of me." I stop and jump when I feel arms wrap around my waist. I turn around and see Harry -.- "Harry! Don't do that you scared the absolute shit out of me! And why are you here?!" He smiles "I came to see you, nice song ;) and voice " I blush "thanks and shut up!" He laughs and picks up a rag and cleans down the counter "it's okay har you don't have to do that" he smiles " I insist since I scared you." I laugh "well the rags go-" he cuts me off "I know Jennifer I've worked in a bakery before!" I smile and he does too making his dimple poke out, so I poke it "thanks." He nods. -24:16-we close up shop and are finished cleaning. "Finally!" He huffs "well you didn't have to help so don't complain" he pouts "so no hugs or anything ?!" I laugh and hug him "thanks Harry." He smiles "call me haz!" I nod "call me jenni." He nods "well haz ima go I have to work tomorrow so-" he cuts me off.. Again! "Same shift?" I shake my head "today I had morning and night shift, so tomorrow I have afternoon! It goes in order depending on the week and month." He nods "well see you tomorrow jenni bear!" I laugh "jenni bear?" He nods and smiles making his dimples pop "well okay harbear !" He smiles even more and I kiss his cheek where his dimple was making him go pink. "Bye !" I say and he waves. 24:30- I get home and change into my pjs after I wipe off my makeup. What a day! I say and close my eyes and drift off ..zzz😴


// A.n hey babies how was it ? Like? Tell me how it was? Love y'all xx G. \\

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