Unknown guardian

I can't be I'm-im not! You're lying!" She stutters. "Listen we all are Jennifer, now you can do this the easy way or the hard. Which is it going to be?" He speaks ever so softly, "no! How can you expect me to believe that?" She yells quite angered with the information given "hard way it is then.." He says quite disappointed and everything fades away...


9. the truth

Harrys pov

I look and see Jennifer and louis! He's on top if her with his legs on both of her sides. Wait so she left me for him?! "Lo-louis.. S-stop please! I cant... I cant br-breathe!" She says through her laughter then her head turns to my direction. Her hazel green eyes meet mine which are probably darkening at this sight. She smiles "HARBEAR!" She yells and runs towards me after pushing louis off once he got distracted.

Jenni's pov

After i left Harry's room i bumped into someone "s-sorry...louis?" I say while getting up and dusting myself. "Jennifer!?" He says my eyes widen and i start to walk away. "Jennifer please wait! Let me explain." I stop, i never let him explain himself then again i never wanted him to, but maybe i can get some information out of him. "O-okay." I say, he smiles and leads me to a room the living room i believe. It's the same exact place i seen louis and harry at... When.. When it happened.. ~Harry!?" He jumps up and looks at me "Jennifer?" He hugs me but I don't hug back "you kidnapped me!? Why? " his faces goes from happy to sad "Jennifer I-" I cut him off as he takes a step closer "no! Don't touch me!" He looks hurt. Then the front door opens and Louis comes in .. With blood on him?!! "God that bitch could run, but boy did her blood taste... Jennifer?" I freeze blood ? Taste ? Wtf is going on! "L-Louis?" He smiles and comes towards me and I back up "don't come near me !" His face softens and harry coughs "nice timing Lou !" He says sarcastically I back away slowly till I'm at the staircase "Jennifer... I can explain." I shake my head "stay away from me you monster!" I yell and run upstairs. ~ i begin to grow nervous at the memory. What is he going to do with me? He.. He wont kill me... Or hurt me .. Right?? "Jennifer, i am truly sorry that you had to walk in when i was... When i was erm.. Feeding." What on earth does that mean?! Feeding ?! "U-uhm what do you mean by f-feeding ?" Dammit my stuttering is back. "Well jennifer know this.. If i tell you. You cant leave. You stay here FOREVER." I gulp forever ? Does that mean i can leave if i dont know? Was zayn lying to me? "D-does that mean i can leave now?" He sighs and looks at me "No, but we maybe were going to release you later.. But if you know you cant leave ever." So they'll release me but later .. Urg! "I want to know." I say strictly.. Damn my curiosity. He takes in a deep breath "well the thing is.. Well first i need you to know i wont hurt you none of us will okay?" I nod "well I'm not... Human." What? He's not human? What is he ? "W-what are you then?" He sighs "vampire." I look at him and search his face to see if its a prank "hahaha thats a good one! They don't exist! This isn't a fairytale Lou." I say the last thing seriously i mean does he really think i'd believe that? "Im serious. Look." He stops for a little and thinks, then he grabs my wrist and drags me to another room. "Louis you're hurting me! " i whine, he really is. He's grabbing my wrist REALLY hard. "SHUT UP!" He says i jump and stay quiet until he brings me to a fridge ? Once its opened i nearly puke. Its.. Its full of b-blood!? I look at him to see his eyes change the same colour of the blood bags, i would think maybe its the reflection but i literally watched them change from blue to red. "Louis?" He turns at me and smiles wickedly "you smell good :)" i gulp and grab a bag "l-louis drink t-this." I say while handing him the bag. He takes it and his teeth become sharp as he digs them in it and the blood is drained. "Now you believe me?" I nod and he takes my hand making my heartbeat increase from fear. "I wont hurt you." I sigh in relief "i-i believe you." He smiles and we sit down on the couch after we arrive. He then smiles at me evilly. Oh no.. He tackles making me squeal. Then he gets on top of me and starts tickling me? I giggle and yell "st-stop!" He shakes his head and i try to pry his hands off of me. "Lo-louis.. S-stop please! I cant... I cant br-breathe!" I say through my laughter, he smiles and says "nope." I turn my head and see harry, my hazel eyes meet his green eyes that are turning dark? "Harbear!" I yell. Louis turns his head, i take my chance and push louis off of me. He grunts, i run behind harry and squeeze his arm. "Stay away butthead!" I yell and louis rolls on the ground laughing and harry grabs his stomach laughing. I pout "meanies!" I say and run "get her!" Louis yells. I run as fast as my legs can carry me. I reach upstairs and run into a room and lock the door. I turn around and see niall i think was his name. I forgot, he never really talked to me. "Niall! Help!" His eyes widen and he jumps off his bed rushing to me "whats wrong princess?! Did they hurt you!?" I smile.. Wait did he call me princess? Probably not. "No aha they're trying to get me cause i called them meanies and a butthead." I say like a child and he laughs. "Oh well as long as you're safe. Do you want me to show you to your room princess?" So he did call me princess? I was about to reply but the banging in the door interrupted me. "Jenni!" "Open up!" "Come on!" I grab Niall's arm "GO AWAY YOU Butts!" I yell and hear their laughter "n-never!" "You'll come out soon!" "We'll be waiting!" I turn to niall and he whispers something to me and i nod "IM STAYING HERE WITH MY PRINCE HA HA!" Niall blushes a light pink shade and i hear them huff. I can tell they're pouting "no!" "Your my Jenni bear though!" "Its not fair! " "yeah!" "Niall... SHES MINE!" We laugh "umm can i stay in here ill sleep on the floor and i promise not to bother you." I say quickly he chuckles "of course you can princess but ill sleep on the floor." I shake my head "no! I feel rude I'm in YOUR room you need to be comfortable." He smiles "i guess the beds big enough for two then." I nod and we climb into bed when i realise something. Shit!

//a.n hey babes I'm going to try to update more often. But awe nennifer or jiall which ever but prince and princess. I wanna meet niall you guys !😭 and lol buttheads best insult ever😂👌 larry vs jiall. Who do you think'll win? C O M M E N T😘 love y'all G. \\

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