Unknown guardian

I can't be I'm-im not! You're lying!" She stutters. "Listen we all are Jennifer, now you can do this the easy way or the hard. Which is it going to be?" He speaks ever so softly, "no! How can you expect me to believe that?" She yells quite angered with the information given "hard way it is then.." He says quite disappointed and everything fades away...


5. the kidnapping

Friday- day of the kidnapping

Jenni's pov

23:50 (11:50pm) "zo ! Want me to start cleaning up ?" She waits for a bit "um yeah, j do you think you can close up around 11:55? I'm supposed to be at Derek's house in 5. Think ya can handle ten minutes?" I smile "of course! " she squeals and hugs me "yay! I love you jenni!" I giggle "I know!" As she was walking out I said "ZOE!" She turned around and I mocked her doing "👉👌💦 wear protection." And the look on her face was priceless which made me crack up. I shoo her away and just sit on the counter since no one is in here. The lads weren't here today I wonder where they are? Hmm eh oh well.

Lads pov

Niall- alright guys so she parked at Ac2 there's an alley in between, we get her to come near hear and then you all know what to do. Right?" They all nod. Boy I hope this works. "It's alright Niall, if she escapes me and Harry are way stronger so." I nod understanding what they mean. I get out the supplies she just needs to take a few breathes in when we put on the cloth and it'll be over easy! Ugh please don't fight jenni! Of course she will what am I thinking she's going to think were some scary rapist.

Harry- I'm quite nervous right now! I think I'm more scared than her! Which is quite odd but I'm being the kidnapper so it's not easy on me either! What if she hates me! What if she escapes! She is a smart girl ya know? She's intelligent, the way she always has smart comebacks it's so cute, her sassiness Louis I think is starting to like her >:( his eyes sparkle when we see her. Come to think about it all the lads eyes' do! Man why'd she have to be so different! Damn you Jennifer for being so perfect! 😂😒👿

Louis- I'm pretty scared of doing this! We've been searching for 4 years almost 5 and we finally found her! We were in a band a couple years back so the tours did help since we went from place to place, but we never stopped. I don't think that Jennifer is or was a fan tho she didn't recognize us or anything and we pretty much look the same I mean because of this we stayed in our twentys we aged backwards too! It's scary but I'm 20, zayn and Liam are 19 and Niall and Harry are 18 ! Freaky huh? We'd have been all in our late twentys if it weren't for her. And thanks to her we had to leave music business, and our girlfriends ! Ugh I can't blame my little carrot, but I wish she hadn't have cared so much. It's whatever now I just hope she doesn't hate me after this :(

Liam- I'm really nervous my hands are sweating I'm kidnapping an innocent girl for gods sake! Ugh! Well atleast she did promise me she wouldn't :) but maybe she will :( I just gotta remind her! I can't have my "sister " hate me :( please don't hate me Jennifer please!

Zayn- me and Jennifer grew quite close but I think Liam grew the closest -.- whatever but anyways what the fuck am I supposed to do we have like 2 minutes left I'm freaking out like badly! Shit! I'm scared! What if she hates me!? What if she never wants to see me again? Oh god please don't hate me Jennifer you'll understand it all soon I promise you baby girl :(

Jenni's pov

"And maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves meee. And after all, you're my wonder wall." It's 24:00(12:00am) time to close up. I already cleaned up what was needed so I decided just to lock it up and leave. I was walking to my car when I heard a noise, sounded like a puppy? It was coming from an alley. God I hate alleys but what if it's in danger ! Ugh! I head towards the dark alley and see nothing "h-hello?" My voice cracks. All of the sudden two arms wrap around me there is a cloth put to my face. Oh no I know what this means ! I hold my breath and kick the person in the no no area. He groans and I go running, well running into another one! Fuck they're everywhere he pins me to the wall and puts the cloth over my face kick him in the stomach and he falls back. Two more fricken guys appear! How many are there ! One of the grabs my arms and the other one comes close I kick him in the balls and stomach and while he's crouched down in the face, then I claw at the guy who's holding me with my nails. He starts whining then another guy comes and whispers "just breathe I and it'll all be over" his voice soft and soothing, it made me relax and finally I listened I took a deep breath and passed out. 😴😴

//a.n who do you think told her? Oh and OMG I fricken love wonder wall 😍 so I had to put it in here! Lol love y'all monkeys byee xx G. \\

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