Unknown guardian

I can't be I'm-im not! You're lying!" She stutters. "Listen we all are Jennifer, now you can do this the easy way or the hard. Which is it going to be?" He speaks ever so softly, "no! How can you expect me to believe that?" She yells quite angered with the information given "hard way it is then.." He says quite disappointed and everything fades away...


10. insecurities

Jenni's pov

Shit "um niall." I asked embarrassed "yeah?" He replied. I look down at my bare legs seeing that im only in my girl boxers. "Why am i in my underwear? " he looked down and blushed. "Fuck! I forgot when you were asleep you kicked off your pants. I didnt know you would awake from your slumber princess or else I would've-" i cut him off "its fine niall its my fault honestly, i can never sleep with pants on. Only boxers or shorts, well either pj or comfortable shorts. " he smiled awkwardly and scratched the back of his neck. His muscles flexing...damn "uhm do you want to wear one of my shirts so you know you can be comfy ?" I smile and nod "yes please" he nods and pulls out a black shirt from his closet, i take it and thank him. I pull the smooth clothing over my head and take off my shirt under the other shirt. (Sorry if you don't understand:( I tried) he smiled "you look cute." He whispered i blush "t-thanks " i say his blue eyes go big "for w-what ? " i chuckle "you called me cute." His cheeks turn a light tint of pink "o-oh you're welcome lets go to bed yeah?" I nod he pulls off his pants and gulps, he then takes off his shirt and covers his abs. Hmm? I blush when I realise he caught me. "Like whatcha see princess?" I laugh "sorry." He nods

Nialls pov

I feel awkward taking my shirt off in front of her, im still insecure of my body. All the lads are good looking and fit but im just well was the ugly one of the band. I remember all the people pointing it out. I quickly cover my stomach and look at her too see her eyes watching me. "Like whatcha see princess?" I say and her cheeks flush a deep red "sorry." She mumbles, i nod. "Shall we ?" I say gesturing the bed and she nods. We climb into and i turn over to sneak a peek at her. Her curly brown hair is up above her, laid out on a pillow. Her eyes a light shade of brown mixed with dark green and a tint of blue, they stare at the blank ceiling. Her cheeks still a light tint of pink, making her light brown freckles noticeable. Her darkish pink lips wet from her light pink tongue swiping over them, she takes one side between her teeth and bites down. I've never noticed how beautiful no gorgeous no...perfect she was. I smile at the view "hey princess are ya alright?" I ask still on my side looking at her, her body shifts slightly as she jumps from hearing my voice. "Huh!? O-oh yeah." I smile "whats on your mind?" She turns on her side "nothing much, can i ask you something? And don't make fun of me!" I nod, why would i ever make fun of her, maybe if i were joking but still. "Okay...why didn't you talk to me? ..." She pauses "did you not like me? Or was i annoying or something? " i stay quiet.. She thinks i didn't like her? Woah i was scared she thought i liked her and was freaked out. "Sorry its a weird question, and no im not that girl who wants to be liked by EVERYONE i was just wondering.. But no need to sugarcoat it im used to it." She says awkwardly and smiles turning over back into her original position. I laugh "really?" She turns and furrows her brows. "What?" I chuckle "i was scared to talk to you! And what do you mean used to it?" She smiles "oh aha well i dont bite, i mean unless youre a carrot or food or edible in that case ;) 😂 but otherwise no" i laugh and she joins along making some crinkles at the end of her eyes barely noticeable, she moves her hand over her mouth to cover her laughter and out of the corner you can see a light dimple poking out. She oddly looks like harry, dimples, green eyes, brown hair thats curly, cheeky, funny, rude. Shes like a girl version of him but then again shes like all the boys, louis because of their sass, their ass😂, the blue in their eyes, and the colour brown of their hair, and their personality is a lot alike, plus the nicknames. Zayn because of the mysterious side of them, their looks, the gorgeousness of their face, i mean cmon they're both hot no homo, and their art skills. Liam because the protective and understanding, the sweet and innocence, the loving and caring, and the kind eyes and hearts. I doubt she has a single thing like me. 😣 "oh and ni ?" I smile "yes princess ?" She looks at me in the eyes, her eyes have turned a dark brown like Zayn's but with small splotches of green. "Why'd you cover you're stomach? I don't mean to be nosey or anything but-" i cut her off "because... Because I'm insecure " i mumble looking down. She smiles kindly and lifts my chin to make me face her "isn't everyone? But pleasee you don't have to be. Fuck all those people who told you otherwise they're stupid ass hoes who can sma 😂 you're perfect in every single way . From the top of your dirty blonde hair down to your toe nails. You are perfection my prince, and don't give me that no ones perfect bullshit because everyone is in their own way." She says i feel tears streaming slowly down my cheek she just touched my heart. I can't believe she said all that especially my prince that made my heart leap. "Shhh Ni don't cry" she coos and embraces me in a hug. Her hugs are PERFECT just like her shes an amazing hugger if thats even a word 😂. I hug her back and feel her chest vibrate and her her softly singing to me as her small fingers find my hair "Those scars on your wrists are the mark of the world An ocean that's left you so torn But remember the heart you brought into this world The same one as when you were born. How confused you must be finding love in the blood that you bleed But the truth is that I see Why you say that 'it's hard to be me'And we all make mistakes Its not you, but this world you should hate You're as beautiful as you were yesterday And those tears in your eyes are the product of lies You've been lead to believe that they're true But remember the light you brought into this world I promise it will get you through How confused you must be Finding love in the blood that you bleed But the truth is that I see Why you say that 'it's hard to be me' And we all make mistakes Its not you, but this world you should hate You're as beautiful as you were yesterday.." She sings her voice is like angelic, i feel one tear escape before i drift into a deep sleep, feeling the duvet and her arms cover me... 💕😴

// sorry for not updating babes and awee jiall💘 but my wifi shitty asf oveer here 😭. But ill try to update for yall love you monkeys Xx G. \\

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