Unknown guardian

I can't be I'm-im not! You're lying!" She stutters. "Listen we all are Jennifer, now you can do this the easy way or the hard. Which is it going to be?" He speaks ever so softly, "no! How can you expect me to believe that?" She yells quite angered with the information given "hard way it is then.." He says quite disappointed and everything fades away...


3. discovery

Harry's pov

"I'm heading out lads, want anything!?" I yell to the others. "NANDOS!" I hear Niall yell, of course I chuckle. 23:45 I should get going, I grab the keys and head out 24:01am I arrive. Great! (Sarcasm) I get out the car and head towards nandos when I hear singing "I'm gon ride,im gon ride, on you baby, in you lady, all night, all, all night! I'm gon' take care of your body, I'll be gentle, don't you scream it's getting hotter, make it softer,Feel your chest on top of me" I walk into 'make a cake' and see Jennifer there cleaning and singing. I go behind her and wrap my arms around her she stops and turns around "Harry! Don't do that you scared the absolute shit out of me!and why are you here?" I smile "I came here to see you, nice song ;) and voice." She blushes "thanks and shut up!" I laugh and pick up a rag and clean down the counter "it's okay har you don't have to do that" i smile "I insist since I scared you." She laughs "well the rags go-" i cut her off "I know Jennifer I've worked in a bakery before!" She smiles and i do too making my dimple poke out, and she pokes it "thanks." I nod. -24:16-we close up shop and are finished cleaning. "Finally!" I huff "well you didn't have to help so don't complain" I pout "so no hugs or anything ?!" She laughs and hugs me "thanks Harry." I smile "call me haz!" She nods "call me jenni." I nod "well haz ima go I have to work tomorrow so-" I cut her off again "Same shift?" She shakes her head "today I had morning and night shift, so tomorrow I have afternoon! It goes in order depending I the week and month." I nod "well see you tomorrow jenni bear!" She laughs "jenni bear?" I nod and smile making my dimples pop "well okay harbear !" I smile even more and she kisses my cheek where my dimple was making me go pink. How embarrassing! "Bye !"she says I wave and head back after I get nandos 24:43- "finally!" Niall yells when I walk in I chuckle "what took you so long?" He asks mouth full of food. "I ran into a friend " I reply and he nods but zayn comes out "what friend?" Dammit ! "Jennifer." I say and all the boys are in here and staring :| "I need to tell you lads something." Niall says and puts his food away. What's going on? We all nod and go into the living room "lads... I think that... Well Jennifer... " I grow frustrated "spit it out already horan !" He sighs "Jennifer.. She's the one.. They told me! They said it was her.." says looking down "you're lying-" I get cut off "haz i know you think I'm lying but I'm not they!....they showed me." I groan in disbelief "no! " I say "I'm going to bed I need to think!" They all nod "hazza?" Louis asks "hmm?" He smiles sweetly "haz don't over think this okay? We'll figure something out to keep her safe :)" I nod and head to bed. Why Jennifer ? I get into bed "god please don't be Jennifer, anyone but her." I sigh and "Jennifer.." Is all I say before I drift off 😴

Niall's pov

'Its her...Niall it's Jennifer' "what?" I say out loud the lads all look at me "we didn't say anything mate? " I furrow my brows "o-oh okay." They sigh "Niall are you okay?"Liam asks "you've been off a bit lately." Louis adds I fake a smile "I'm fine." Zayn looks at me and shrugs "okay." 'Come outside Niall' I sigh and go onto the patio. "Hello?" I call out to my surprise something answered, they answered. "It's her. It's Jennifer." They hissed at me "No! You're lying it's not her!" I yell and suddenly something cold goes through my body and everything turns dark...

~~ "...happy birthday to you!" I head towards the room and see people they all sing loudly as they surround the girl "Make a wish baby." And older woman says to her, she closes her eyes and squeezes them, her nose crinkled, she whispers "i wish I could protect them forever.." She blows out the candles and sighs. "What'd ya wish for?" A younger girl asks, the girl turns around and I see her. "secret" she then smiles. My jaw drops~ "Niall!" "Niall buddy wake up!" "C'mon mate!" I shot straight up "JENNIFER!" They all exchange confused looks "what mate?" I sigh and contain my breathing "Niall?" They question "what did you see." I hesitate "I... Um.." The door opens "finally !" I yell and rush to Harry he just saved me phew. I grab the food and he chuckles "what took ya so long?" I ask with food In my mouth "I ran into a friend." He says I nod. "What friend?" zayn asks. He looks a bit nervous? "Jennifer." That makes me gasp a bit but the lads who were all in here didn't hear me. We all stared intently especially me "what?" He asks confused. I put away my food "lads i need to talk to you." They all nod and we head to the living room. "Lads.." I take a deep breathe "i think that... Well Jennifer.." Harry becomes frustrated "spit it out already horan!" I sigh "Jennifer.. She's the one.. They told me! They said it was her.." He rejects the truth "you're lying!-" I cut him off quickly "haz i know you think I'm lying but I'm not they!....they showed me." He groans in disbelief "no!" He says "I'm going to bed, I need to think." We all nod but then "hazza?" Louis asks "hmm?" Harry answers "haz, don't over think this okay? We'll figure something out to keep her safe :)" he nods and goes up to bed and they all turn at me "Niall.." I gulp "y-yes?" My voice cracks "what did you see!? Tell us!" I nod knowing I can't argue "well I seen a birthday..-" I get cut off by Louis "a birthday! what on earth makes you believe it's Jennifer be-" I cut him off "let me finish!" He stays quiet "I got up and seen her.. Jennifer she was younger.. She was making a wish and she wished that they... Us! Well she wished that we'd be safe.. Forever!" They look at me confused and I sigh "it was the same voice.. The one we heard when this happened!" They all go into shock or something "well.. What do we do?" zayn asks I gulp knowing the answer "the only thing we can and have to... We kidnap her." They all nod and discuss a plan. We stay up until 1:30 am and finally head to bed "night boys!" I say and they all say it back. "Ah Jennifer why'd ya have ta wish fer us?" I sigh and close my eyes "please be safe.." That's all I say before my eyes get heavy and I fall asleep 😴

//a.n hey babes sorry again but I had to restart hopefully it doesn't crash again ;(( and Awee jenni and harbear <3 so kawaii ^.^ lol love y'all byee xxG. \\

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