Unknown guardian

I can't be I'm-im not! You're lying!" She stutters. "Listen we all are Jennifer, now you can do this the easy way or the hard. Which is it going to be?" He speaks ever so softly, "no! How can you expect me to believe that?" She yells quite angered with the information given "hard way it is then.." He says quite disappointed and everything fades away...


4. date


Jenni's pov

It's finally Friday and the boys have been stopping by everyday. I'm not complaining because I do enjoy spending time with them but my boss and Zoe think that they're so amazing and act like they're gods. It gets annoying after awhile especially when I get told 'you're SO lucky !' 'They like you ' 'are you gonna date one of them ?' Etc ugh whatever it's already 5;50 so I don't think I'll shower right now. Good thing I showered last night. I put on a black crop too and some ripped skinnies. I topped it off with a flannel and beanie. Then I started on my makeup. Zoe said we were going out today so I decides to do smokey eye, my eyebrows, and my lips which was a tiny of pink and some Chapstick. -6:30am I finally arrive and see zoe already setting up "hey! Oo you look hot! Is it for the boys ;)!" She teased I scoff "no! It's for you idiot! Honestly women do you not remember texting me to get ready for a day out today?" She laughs "yeah yeah I remember." I chuckle and we start setting up shop. -7:59 am "jenni! Put up the sign hurry!" I nod and put it up and of course they walk in "Jennifer!" They all yell in unison I jump and they laugh. "Hey you little shits!" They laugh and Harry puts his hand on his heart "aw how rude and after all we've been through;(" he fake cries and I hug him "awe I'm sorry harbear " he smiles and hugs me "it's okay jenni bear ;)" I laugh and go behind the counter. I look at Zoe who's being really immature and doing 👉👌💦 that I throw a straw at her and feel my cheeks heat up quickly. "Jennifer?" I hear a soft voice call I turn around and see Liam "oh hey li what's up?" He looks down "um would you like to go on a date ..with me today?" I smile "umm hold on.." I look at Zoe and she gives me a thumbs up "yeah sure!" He smiles "great I'll pick you up at 8 okay?" I nod and he hugs me and leaves "oooh you got game !" I laugh "wait I have night shift!" She smiles "not anymore now since we have a free afternoon let's go shopping and find you something to wear. I'll cover for you !" I nod and hug her "I love you zo!" She laughs "I know ." We go shopping and she insists on getting me a dress😒 it's not really my style but whatever I guess. We end up shopping until it's 18:30 (6:30pm) I sigh and go take a shower. Once I get out I blow dry my hair and start to get ready but I don't have Zoe to help since she's working my hours tonight by herself. I'll repay the favor soon. I get my hair fully dry and take out a straightener, I curl my hair with it and flip my bangs. After that I do my makeup which is a smokey eye, eyebrows, and some nude lipstick. Finally I go to the dress it's a dark pink floral dress, it goes just above my knees and I have a pink knitted beanie that goes with it. I spritz some perfume on and get my black cardigan right in time as I get a knock on my door. I open and see Liam in a white button up shirt and black pants, his hair was in a quiff and he had a rose in his hand. I giggle "shall we go?" I nod "we shall." I take his arm and we walk to his car and of course he opens the door and closes it for me "by the way you look extremely gorgeous." I blush "you look handsome, and thanks" he smiles "thanks, and anytime love :)"

Liam's pov

"Okay lads one of us needs to take her on a date to get a little 'closer'" Niall says they all argue and Niall sighs "you know what Liam takes her." They all groan I smile a bit "when do I-" before I could finish Niall interrupts "tonight, we need this plan to work." I nod and go up to her "Jennifer?" She turns and looks at me "oh hey li what's up." I look down embarrassed of her rejection "um would you like to go on a date... With me today?" She smiles "umm hold on." I secretly hope she says yes, I don't like her more than a friend. If anything I see her as a little sister "yeah sure!" She says I smile in relief "great I'll pick you up at 8 okay?" She nods and I exit the place and head home "alright lads I leave at 8!" They all question me and tell me the plan I nod. I don't want to kidnap her but..I well we have to. The only reason I have to go out with her is so the lads can go and take pictures of her room. Not like that! Just cause they said when we kidnap her they want her to feel at home so they're going to see what color the walls are and try making an exact copy of her room. -8:00 I knock on the door and she opens it looking lovely "shall we go?" She nods "we shall." Her little arm grabs mine and we walk to my car I open and close the door for her "by the way you look extremely gorgeous." I say and she blushes "you look handsome, and thanks." I smile "thanks and anytime love." We arrive at one of the fanciest places in London, it's quite far from her house so I'm giving the lads time "woah." I hear her gasp causing me to laugh "let's go?" She nods and looks nervous "it's okay love." I say and throw my arm over her shoulder. "Li I don't like this place it looks to expensive." I sigh I knew she would do this "would you like to make a nice picnic instead ?" She nods I go to the trunk and pull out a huge blanket it covers all of the boys and still has room when we lay it down. I grab a basket and lead her towards a little hill to a tree. I lay it down and place the basket down. "So have you ever been in a picnic before?" She shakes her head "no I don't think so." I smile "glad to be with you on your first." She smiles at me we eat in silence, not awkward but peaceful silence. She was looking at the stars and I get a message which made me jump and she giggles and continues to stare intently at the stars I take a pic of her it looked stunning it had here and the stars looking beautiful. I look at the message and it's a group chat w/the lad

Ni:okay we're taking pics is 3 enough or nah?

Haz: she likes lemurs how cute

Zen: haz stop bein a creep

Lou: she has so many carrots! I think I'm in love lads!

Haz: hey she's mine


Ni: Louis you're in her fridge?

Lou: correction was

Li:you guys almost done investigating her whole freaking house! Btw she looks gorgeous right now doesn't she? (I send the pic of her)

Lou:damn girl !!! she looks absolutely fabulous 😱😍

Zen: holy fuck she looks hot 🔥

Ni: she looks beautiful :)💕❤️

Haz: shit, I'd tap that 👉👌💦🌚

Li:remind me to keep haz away from her when she's with us!




Haz:HEY! Im a pussy magnet 😏😼 if ya know what I mean 🌚

Ni: definitely not sleeping in hazza's room agreed?



Li:hurry up lads I don't have all day!

Ni:almost done just a few more and were done!

I sigh and close my phone "Jennifer?" She looks at me her eyes sparkling "yes?" I grab her face "will you promise me something ?" She nods "of course!" I smile "promise me, future wise, that you won't hate me no matter what. And what I do it's for the best." She smiles and hugs me "I'd never hate you li! No matter what stupid shit you do!" This gets me more relaxed "okay pinky promise ?" She giggles "pinky promise." We just lay there and finally she starts to close her eyes and I scoot closer "are you cold love ?" She nods and I open my arms she cuddles into them and we stay like that I look at the time. 10:50 shit! I jump and she looks at me "um sorry we have to go it's late." She nods. We get home at 10:59 thank god I almost didn't make it I say goodbye and don't get to walk her to her house. Hopefully the boys are out. I walk into our house "lads?" They came out and show me the pics I smile and look at them, she has taste! "Lads I almost didn't make it! It's a full moon and 11 anytime now we'll change." They nod and we all leave to our other house when I hear a scream I sigh "it's time."..

//a.n is it bad I imagine the boys would actually text like that?😂😂 lol but what do you think'll happen or do you know already ;) ? Lol love y'all monkeys xx G.\\

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