Unknown guardian

I can't be I'm-im not! You're lying!" She stutters. "Listen we all are Jennifer, now you can do this the easy way or the hard. Which is it going to be?" He speaks ever so softly, "no! How can you expect me to believe that?" She yells quite angered with the information given "hard way it is then.." He says quite disappointed and everything fades away...


7. Awake !

 Jenni's pov
I started to open my eyes and see I'm in my room ? That's odd I could've sworn someone else was here? *bzzt zzzt* my phone buzzes I get up and feel like the room is spinning so I fall back down "woah! Didn't expect that to happen!" I say and decide to just crawl to my dresser. I look at my phone and see I have 102 messages,400 notifications on social media apps (YouTube,insta,twitter, etc..) and 50 missed calls. Damn how long was I asleep I look at the calendar and see it's Sunday! Shit I was out for two days! I have a massive headache right now. I look at the messages and I see I have 15 from Christine, my best friend, 85 from Zoe, and 2 from an unknown number. All Zoe's messages were about if I was okay if I'm alright, etc.. The last one was saying that she'll call the cops if I don't answer so I decide to message her back first 
Zobo😘 - jenni you're seriously freaking me out I'll call the cops if you don't answer your god damn phone!
Jenni boo😘 - hey Zoe sorry for not responding I've been asleep and I had the craziest dream ever! Catch up w/ coffee? Starbucks 
Zobo😘- thank god you're okay! You scared the shit outta me! And sorry babe I'm spending the day with Derek today :( sorry but we'll catch up tomorrow at work yeah? 
Jenni boo😘- it's fine boo and idk if ima go to work tomorrow :(( I have a massive headache and I feel like I'm going to throw up. I guess being in a "coma" for 2 days really made me sick. ;(( 
Zobo😘- well babe get some rest, take some aspirin maybe, and eat something! I'll tell flowers that you're sick she'll understand :)) feel better I gtg text ya later love ya xx
Jenni boo😘- thanks boo love you too! And I will I promise! Have fun with Derek ;) 👉👌💦 wear protection xx
Zobo😘- bye!😂 and I will 🌚😏 
I smile and go to my messages and check from Christine and read the last message
Wifey💍- hey jenni Zoe is worried please answer back! ;( 
Wife💍- hey christy I'm fine, just been sleepin for two days 😂 sorry I already talked with Zoe so no worries. :)) 
She instantly replies after I sent that causing me to chuckle a bit. 
Wifey💍- thank god you're okay 😫 and okay, I gotta go wifey I'll text you later byee ❤️
Wife💍- okay wifey byee 💕 
Finally I check the two messages from Someone unknown ?
??- hey Jennifer ! Idk if you remember me but it's Sam! I was in your science class in high school, what happened to you? 
??- oh and flora gave me you're number and said you worked @ make a cake ? Sounds cool but did you drop out of school? I know I'm two months late but hey! I've been out for the first month on vacation. So can't blame me right? Xx 
Jenni😊- hey Sammy sorry for not responding and no I won't blame ya :). Yes I did drop out of school I have a good paying job and a good career with YouTube now so I thought why not! Sorry for not responding sooner hope we can catch up some day. Bye xx 
Sammy😊- hey ! And it's okay :)) I understand. That's cool, and I've noticed cause some people were talking about you on YouTube. Congrats on 1 million ! Although it might be late I watched your videos and seen you're near 2 million now! But that's cool and yes that would be perfect! Are you free on Friday ?
Jenni😊- yes it's lovely! And thanks ! Um I'm not sure if have to check in at work but I'll see :)) I gtg take care of a head ache right now but I'll text you later bye xx
Sammy😊- alright, feel better and byee xx
I smile and walk out the room and head downstairs? Wait since when did I have my room on the left? Wait where am I ? WTf is going on? I start to look around when I go into what I suppose is the living room and see Harry ?! "Harry!?" He jumps up and looks at me "Jennifer?" He hugs me but I don't hug back "you kidnapped me!? Why? " his faces goes from happy to sad "Jennifer I-" I cut him off as he takes a step closer "no! Don't touch me!" He looks hurt. Then the front door opens and Louis comes in .. With blood on him?!! "God that bitch could run, but boy did her blood taste... Jennifer?" I freeze blood ? Taste ? Wtf is going on! "L-Louis?" He smiles and comes towards me and I back up "don't come near me !" His face softens and harry coughs "nice timing Lou !" He says sarcastically I back away slowly till I'm at the staircase "Jennifer... I can explain." I shake my head "stay away from me you monster!" I yell and run upstairs. Forgetting that this isn't my house I go into the room that would be mine and lock the door " oh Jennifer you're awake? What happened?" I jump and turn around to see zayn sitting on his bed... Shirtless I cover my eyes  "sorry! I didn't known you were-" I get cut off by him covering my mouth "you can uncover your eyes love :)" I uncover them and look up at his face and he smiles "zayn?" He looks at me seriously "what happened love?" He says and sits on the bed patting the spot next to him. "W-why'd you guys kidnap me?" He looks down "Jennifer? Just know we have a good reason for this. I want to tell you everything but it seems I can't tell you all." I nod understanding him.
Zayn's pov God I wanna tell her everything I wish I could "how about this ask me anything you desire and I'll answer with what I can. Deal?" She smiles at me "deal." I smile and she asks "why did you guys kidnap me, and who's all here?" I sigh "Jennifer all I can say is that were doing this to protect you, and it's Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam and me obviously." She nods "well um c-can I go home?" I shake my head "can't let that happen." She gets a bit mad "why? I won't tell anyone!" I sigh "I know but we just can't let you go." She gets up "you guys don't trust me!" I stand up too "Jennifer calm down we-" I get cut off by a slap in the face! "I-I'm sorry zayn I didn't mean to I just got mad." She said with tears in her eyes I sigh she's not fully calmed "Jennifer." I starts "please just, let me go! Look what I've done! I slapped you! " I sigh "Jennifer we can't." She gets mad again "why!" I shrug "I already told you!" I start getting mad too "just fucking let me go zayn! If I need to be protected it would be from you freaks you-" I cut her off by smashing my lips on hers. It felt right and she stopped and started to kiss back. I pulled away and she started crying "I-I'm so-sor-sorry zayn ! I'm a h-horrible person !" I sigh and kiss her head "Jennifer you aren't horrible you were just scared. I don't blame you one bit for your actions. You acted more mature to be honest." She smiles showing off her white teeth "r-really?" I nod "really. Jennifer you seem tired do you want to take a nap? I'll show you to your room." She giggles "zayn? " I lift my brow "yes ?" She laughs "I've been asleep for two bloody days do you really think I'm tired? But I am hungry." I laugh "sorry, and let's get food?" She nods and takes my hand "YASS!" I laugh once she sees Louis I notice she tenses up and squeezes my hand  "Jennifer ! I am so sorry you had to be there when I was... Feeding." She hides behind me and I turn around and wrap my arms around her. Feeding? What the fuck did he do!? She buries her head in my chest "I won't let them hurt you baby girl." I whisper and she hugs me tighter "Louis, I think it's best if you leave." I say strictly he shakes his head "no not until I can talk to Jennifer!" I notice her grip is a bit tighter "Louis go! NOW! " I growl he storms off into the woods and I whisper to her. "It's okay baby girl he's gone." She holds my hand and I intertwine our fingers "thanks. He isn't g-gonna hurt me is he?" I shake my head "oh no! I wouldn't ever let that happen!" She smiles and we end up eating 2 sandwiches each. Then Harry walks in she looks scared "Jennifer?" She gulps "Harry." He smiles but frowns when he sees our hands "can I speak with you.. Alone." I look at her she nods "okay." She gets up "if anything happens come to my room okay?" She nods and walks with Harry.
Jenni's pov I walk with Harry, I'm honestly scared shitless right now. What does he need to say or do? I gulp and he takes me upstairs. We enter a room "sit." He says and I sit on his bed I look over and see he locked the door I gulp and he smiles. Not a friendly one a devilish one an evil one. I stand up and start walking towards the door and he pushes me against the wall and covers my mouth. "God why do you have to smell soo good?" He whispers to me. I gulp
Harry's pov I lock the door and smile at her she starts walking towards the door and I push her against the wall god she smells amazing! Shit not now please not now. "God why do you have to smell soo good?" I whisper to her and she gulps, causing me to chuckle too late...

//A.n AYEE monkeys I is back ! lol well what do ya think'll happen with hazza and jenni? 👉👌🌚jkjk god no I would NoT do that.. Yet 😂 well that zaynifer moment tho Awee lol and cliffhanger I know I know y'all love me ;)) xD love y'all monkies byee xxG. \\

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