My brothers best friend |C.h.|

Natali hemmings is your average 17 year old.But what happens when she falls for her brothers best friend


4. why not?

Luke's POV

"Where the fuck is calum?" I said too loudly "um he was with Natali remember." "Oh." Was all I could say. "I'm gonna go check on her. Ok guys?" "Ok but when you get back I'm gonna beat you in FIFA" " You wish Clifford." I said before walking out. I slowly open her door. It seen Calum and her sleeping together. "Cal...get up....I need to talk to you!" I whispered

Calum POV

"I'm up...I'm up" I said getting. "Cal wtf I told you she was...." "Off limits yeah I know...I'm not gonna hurt her she's my best friend too... Luke I think I might l-love her ok? Yeah I know she's your sister but I love the way her nose crinkles if you say her full name, how she doesn't care what people think of herself, she one the best people I know. Why would I hurt her?" I said "......fine Calum you can date her" Luke said "really?!" I said with a smile " yes really but if..." Luke said before I cut him off "Not gonna happen" I said " alright cal goodnight" he said. " goodnight luke." I said.

Natali's POV

I woke up to a shirtless calum or from what I could see. Fuck... We didn't do it last night....did we? I looked down at myself. Ok I still had my clothes from last night on. Luke would of killed us if we did. "Cal wake uppp!" I screamed causing him to jump and fall off the bed but with me with him. We started laughing our asses off because what just happened. "Crap...hey Nat what time is it?" He said "umm 9:30 why?" "Oh it's just I'm going with my mom to pick up Mali at the airport at 12:00...want to come with? He said "why not I haven't seen Mali or Joy in a long time" I said with a smile. "Ok great I'll be back I have to shower and change first." He said getting up and giving me a kiss on the cheek. " ok sounds good bye cal." "Bye Natali" he said leaving. I hopped in the shower. I was out in 15 minutes. I hurried to get ready I decided to wear my nirvana shirt,black skinny jeans that was ripped at the knees, my all black vans,and a black beanie. I walked downstairs to see calum. "Hey look we're twinning it today!" I said laughing " yeah but I'm the hotter one." "In you dreams hood" I said with a wink.

Calum POV

" hey mum we're home!" I yelled "we?" "Oh yeah Natali is here" I said "natali! Oh hi sweetie how are you." Mum said hugging her. It's funny our parents used to joke about us getting married. Mum loves her but I can't blame her. " I'm fine but I missed you Joy." She said with a pout " I missed you too... Now c'mon let's go get Mali"

Natali's POV

An hour later we arrived at the airpor

We were waiting for Mali to get out when I slipped on a puddle of water. I almost fell but to my surprise strong arms caught me. "Thanks Cal" I blushed

Calum's POV

I couldn't take it no more. I pulled her closer and kissed her. She didn't hesitate to kiss back. It felt perfect just perfect. "Hey nat um would you like to go on a date with me next Saturday?" She responded with a kiss "I'll take that as a yes!"I said smiling "of course you idiot" she said with a wink. "But am I a cute idiot?' I said "the cutest"

Natali's POV

He kissed it was perfect his soft lips against mine. I know it cliche but I fell in love with my best friend and it happens again and again...deeper and deeper. I turned around to see a smiling Mali. "Mali I missed you!" "I missed you too natali!" She said hugging "oh cal, natali I got that all on tape!" She said smirking "well good for you, don't we look good together?" Calum said kissing my cheek. I started blushing. "Of course y'all do... Aw your blushing!" Mali said. "I kinda have that effect on her and she on me." Calum said while wrapping his arm around my waist causing me to blush harder.

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