Little White Lies

"But I've told you everything!!!"I yelled
"But was it the truth?!?"Harry asked looking upset
Those worlds just killed me


1. Prologue

I am the daughter of One Directions manager. Simon Cowell. He wants to keep me safe. Safe from boys at least.
Since he goes with the boys everywhere, I can't go to school, I can't go anywhere without a bodyguard.
So what happens when, he is not here anymore. I am 16, I am almost a legal adult.
I wont be under his roof 24/7 anymore. What does he think, I am going to live with him for all my life?!!?
Yeah that's never going to happen.
I love him and all, but I want to be free. I want to have a life!
But I may not have one, because I forgot to mention.
Just a day ago, I was in a 4 car, car crash.
I was seriously hurt, broke two bones, sprained at least 12. Maybe fractured a rib or two?
God, I don't even know anymore. I am just in this crazy coma right now.
Just reliving that car crash over and over again. Feeling the pain over and over again. Someone make this stop!!

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