Little White Lies

"But I've told you everything!!!"I yelled
"But was it the truth?!?"Harry asked looking upset
Those worlds just killed me


3. Chapter 2

Christas P.O.V
I ran and ran and ran, I went to the recording studio. I listened to over again, wishing that I could do my birthday over again, wishing that would have my memory back, wishing that I could remember us. I didn't even take the ring off, I left it on, just so I could admire its beauty.Then it hit me, I kinda remembered. The songs helping!!! I turned on Little Things, and I started to remember, i even remembered that he wrote his part about me. Oh Harry, I knew you weren't trouble when you walked in. Harry finally ran in and i ran and i kissed him."You remember?"he asked."Of course I do, how could i ever forget my Hazza?" I said. " And how could i ever forget my Chrissy Boo bear!"he said as he twirled me."I thought I was your boo bear hazza?"Louis said. "Oh im sorry Chrissy, but Lou is my boo bear"he said and i started fake crying. "Yeah its okay Chrissy not everyone gets a hazza"he said and i faked slapped him. "Did that hurt lou bear?"Hazza asked looking concerned."No but getting hit in the balls would hurt more"Lou said. I hit Louis in the balls. Louis yelped and Harry ran after me."Come back here baby girl if u know whats good for ya!!!"hazza yelled."Never!!!"i screamed running away from my adorable hazza.

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