iron bench

#comedy #irony #puns
He was just a regular guy


1. iron bench

Jim Rogers was an ordinary man. Everyday he woke up, had a cup of joe, and hurried to the bus stop where he would board the bus and commute to his job as an accountant.

It seemed like any other day, but when Jim arrived at the bus stop, he noticed something strange. The was a rusty old bench he had never seen before sitting in the bike lane.

"That's odd," thought Jim, as he let his hand glide over the seemingly smooth surface. Suddenly, he felt a sharp stabbing sensation as his hand came in contact with a rusty nail.

"Oh flibbertyjibbet!" He exclaimed as blood poured from his open wound. He was almost sure he had contracted tetanus.

Jim had always been an optimist, so he told himself it wasn't so bad and shook it off. He had numbers to crunch!

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