iron bench

#comedy #irony #puns
He was just a regular guy


6. Dave

Dave was extremely confused. Moments ago, he had been within inches of committing murder, and now he was sitting on a slightly rusty park bench.

"Well, it's a very nice bench," Dave thought to himself. "Sturdy legs, quality welding, and an aesthetically pleasing vintage lattice back rest. A very nice bench, indeed."

Dave, being quite mentally unstable, quickly forgot about his earlier desire to steal the life from an innocent man who may have considered him a friend a few short hours ago.

Dave was quickly becoming rather attached to the bench. He thought it best to remain with the bench. Such a charismatic bench. Charming, perfect bench.

Dave loved the bench. The bench understood him.

"BENCH IS ALL!" Dave screamed at an indifferent sky.

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