Camp Counselor

I'm Maria and this, well this is the story of what my summer was like.
Are you willing to listen??


9. Chapter 9

 Matthew POV 

 I walked into the house quietly trying not to wake anyone up. It is really early in the morning and no one should be up. I crept my way upstairs and slowly walked into my room. I let out breath of relief as I plopped down onto my bed. It was just about time for me to go school so I threw on some jeans and a random band t. I grabbed some sunglasses, my phone and my bag and ran downstairs and out the door.

 "Morning." Tris greeted me as I walked down the hall towards my first class. 

 "Not now tris." I said 

 "What's wrong?" She put her hand on my chest in an attempt to stop me.

 "I said not now tris." I said again 

 "No, Matthew somethings wrong." She urged. 

 "NOT NOW TRIS!"I  yelled and pushed past her. I pushed through the crowd of people in the hall and walked into my first class. 


 The teacher was in the front of the class talking about god knows what. I had taken my original spot in the back surrounded by all of my "Friends". I knew they only hung out with me because of my house and the "famous rep" I have around school but I don't care. 

 "Hey Matt, There's a party this thursday at my place. Hope to see you there?" Rachel said to me as she slid me a piece of paper that read 'I hope I can see you there. Maybe I'll have a special surprise for you'.

 I nodded at her and slid the paper into my pocket. The bell rang and I made my way out of class. Rachel stayed in front of me and when we walked out she grabbed my arm and pulled me to the side. 

 "So, I hear you have thing with Tris." She questioned 

 "I don't really know, but if you mean have a thing as in we fucked then you heard wrong. We haven't done anything." I told her. 

 "Good. I'll be waiting on thursday" She told me as she turned. I slapped her ass and she laughed. I watched as she walked away and then I was turned around. 

 "So now I guess you are messing with sluts? if you are don't bother with me, my legs aren't a 24 hour hotel." tris snapped at me. 

 "Whatever Tris, I'm not in the mood." I rolled my eyes and walked away. She called out after me but I ignored them all and walked out of the front doors of the school and walked home. 


 I opened the front door and saw my mom sitting on the couch with some guy. 

 "Who the hell is this?" I asked her. 

 "A friend of your dad's and why are home so early." She asked 

 "I don't feel well." I said and walked to my room. I threw my things down and pulled out my phone and texted some people for a while until I fell asleep. 

 Maria POV 

 As matthew walked upstairs Ashton walked though the door. The guy and Ashton talked for a while and then he left. Ashton grabbed me and carried me upstairs. We walked into our room and I laughed at him.

 "I think we should go out of town for a few days." I told him and he nodded. 

 "where." He asked 

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