Camp Counselor

I'm Maria and this, well this is the story of what my summer was like.
Are you willing to listen??


8. Chapter 8

 Matthew POV 

 Tris and I were just sitting on her bed in her bedroom playing music and joking around like always. I began playing subway surfers on m phone and suddenly the phone was taken out of my hand. I looked up to see Tris. She locked my phone and put it to the side. She tilted my head up and kissed me. 

 I kissed her back and she smiled and put her head on mine. She pushed my shoulder causing me to fall back on her bed and she sat on me. We started kissing and it ended up in a heated make out. I kissed her neck and she leaned her head back and gripped my shirt. Her hands slowly went inside my shirt and ran over my stomach. Her hands traveled down to my waist line and she started to undo my belt. 

 My phone began to ring and moms name came up. I groaned and grabbed my phone but Tris didn't stop. 

 M- Hello  At this point she had my belt undone and started to unbutton my pants.

 Mar- Hey Matt, I'll be done with errands and everything soon so I was wondering if you guys were busy and wanted to go to the mall or something. 

 M- Umm actually we are kinda busy right now but if your off tomorrow we could. 

 Mar- Alright, well are you coming home tonight or anything. 

 M- I'll have to check with her parents but they ran to the store real quick so I'll ask when they get back 

 Mar- Alright bye love you guys. 

 I hung up the phone and threw it to the side. She pulled up my shirt and kissed up my stomach and to my lips again. We started making out again and I was far beyond turned on now. She smiled at me and got up. 

 "Oh so we are playing the tease game now, do you forget I know how to turn you on?" I said and pulled her onto the bed. I pinned her down and kissed up her neck and to her lips. She tried to get out of my grip but she couldn't. She smiled and let loose. I kissed and sucked on her neck 

 "No, If you leave a hickey on my neck my parents will kill us." SHe said. She took off her jacket and continued kissing me. 

 I nodded and kissed down her chest to her boobs and smiled. 

 "Ill leave one here then." I said and she shrugged. I kissed and sucked and everything. When I was finished there was a medium sized hickey on her boob. 

 "Tris, Matthew." HEr mom yelled. 

 "Shit." She mumbled under her breath. She pushed me off of her and put on her jacket. She walked out of the room while I fixed my belt. 

 I could hear them talking but it was mumbled. She walked back in the room smiling. 

 "You can go ahead and stay here but we can't stay up all night." She said 

 "Okay, I'll let my mom know." I said and quickly texted her. She kissed me and closed the door. She turned don music and locked the door then started kissing me again.  This is going to be interesting. 


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