Camp Counselor

I'm Maria and this, well this is the story of what my summer was like.
Are you willing to listen??


7. Chapter 7

 Maria POV

 "Why are you such an ass!!" I yelled at Luke. 

 "It's what keeps me young." He laughed 

 "Get out!" He laughed at me again. 

 "Hey uncle Luke what are you doing here?"Matthew asked 

 "I mean it Luke, Get the hell out!!" I yelled and Matthew jumped. Luke walked to me but I smacked him and pushed him agsint the wall making some pictures fall and a vase break. Matthew backed away from me. Luke grabbed me and pushed me back.  

 I tried pulling my hands away but he had a tight grin and which was starting to hurt. 

 "Luke please it's starting to hurt." I begged. His grip tightened on my wrist and I yelped in pain. Tears srung from my eyes and made there way down my cheeks. He pinned my hands to the wall and grabbed my ass. I gasped and started crying harder. 

 I closed my eyes and Luke was pulled off of me. I took a deep breathe and saw Matthew pushing him. 

 "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH HER AGAIN!!" Matthew yelled and pushed Luke and he fell to the floor. Matthew got on top of him and punched him. I let him. 

 "Matthew what the hell!!" Ashton yelled and pulled Matthew off. Luke got up and walked out. 

 "What the fuck!" Matthew yelled.

 "You need to watch what you say." Ashton said and Matthw went to his room. He waled over to me and kissed me.

 "What happened?" He asked. 

 "Luke came over and started getting all touchy so I told him to stop and called him an ass. then I alspped him and pushed him and he got mad and pinned me to the wall and matthew pulled him off and hit him. It's my fault i didn't stop him." I told him. Matthew came into the room and hugged me. I hugged him back and didn't let go.

 "Matthew?" I heard someone yell then realized that it was Tris. 

 "How long has she been here?" I whispered. 

 "Since I got here." He said. I sighed and let him go. I watched as he walked away for a 13 year old he looks like he's 16 or even 18.


 The phone rang. 

 "Hi, Is Matthew home?" Tris said 

 "Um I think, Hold on." I said. I yelled for Matthew and he came down and took the phone. 

 They talk for a while then hung up.

 "happy birthday Matthew." I said and hugged him. He smiled.

 "umm I have plans with Tris tonight so I won't be home tonight." he told me. 

 "OO plans, god I miss my teen years. ANyway be safe." I sighed and he walked out with a laugh. 

 *********************Hey guys. I'm sorry for the shitty chapters. I hope you like them though. Leave feedback or comments. If  I get no feedback then I probably won't write anything. but i love you!! BYE LOVE YOU MY LITTLE KEVINS!!************************

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