Camp Counselor

I'm Maria and this, well this is the story of what my summer was like.
Are you willing to listen??


6. Chapter 6

 Maria POV 

 Well it's over. Summer is officially over and s is camp. God I miss it. Ashton and Matthew have been closer than ever and I love it. I've taken up a few classes for college online for the sake of Matthew and Ashton has been helping out a lot lately well as much as he can. His band got some record deal they have been busy non-stop. I'm 25 now and Matthew is 13. 

 "Matthew!!" I yelled. I got no answer for about 30 minutes. I put my computer down and walked into his room to see him making out with some girl. 

 "okay. Yeah, you need to leave like now." I told her. Matthew gave me a pissed of look while the girl ran out of the room. The front door slammed and Matthew rolled his eyes. 

 "Excuse me for stopping my 13 year old son from getting a girl pregnant because trust me it's not fun being a teen mom I've been there and it is not okay for you to put someone else through that. Your dad will be here in about 20 minutes to take you out for a while. You need to be ready." I snapped and slammed the door.

 Ashton came through the door and hugged me. I shrugged him off and went back to my things. 

 "What's wrong? He asked.

 "Why don't you go ask your son who just tried to add another teen pregnancy to this family." I snapped without looking up from the screen. He then walked off and seconds later I heard laughter from his room. I rolled my eyes as they came down stairs and left. 


 It's midnight now and thy still aren't home. I've called them a couple of times but no answer. They walked through the door and Erupted with laughter. 

 "Matthew, ir a tu maldita habitación ahora mismo !! Usted está conectado a tierra !!" I yelled. He ran upstairs while I shot a glare at Ashton.

 I shook my head and walked to Matthew's room with Ashton following. Matthew was on his bed.

 "Where were you/" I asked him. Ashton started talking but I sht him a glare and his mouth instantly closed. 

 "We saw a movie, ate, and went to the store." He said. 

 "What did you get?" I asked 

 "Nothing really." He said. I saw a bag and snatched it up. I began digging through it, clothes, food, and condoms.

 "Are you fucking kidding me?" I turned to Ashton. "What in the hell possed your dumb ass to buy my 13 year old son condoms!!" I yelled but he said nothing. I took a deep breath. 

 "Get out." He looked confused. 

 "I mean it, get the hell out of my house and don't bother coming back."I said and pushed him. He stumbled back as I kept pushing him until he grabbed my arms and pulled me to him. I yanked my hands from him and walked downstairs. I grabbed my keys and got into my car. I drove off to my old friend Liam's house. 


 "And he bought him condoms after he clearly knew I was pissed off about Matthew eating some girls face off." I cried. 

 "Look I know you won't like to hear this but just remember that you were that age at one point and you did the samething except you got drunk and didn't use a condom. So if i were you I would just be happy he was planning on being protected. He knows that he is going to make you upset but he's getting older and you have to remember that. You can hate me all you want but it's the truth." He said. I cried even harder and hugged him.

 "Thanks, I'm going to go talk to him." I said and went back home. 


 I closed the door and saw Ashton on the phoe in the back. I walked to Matthew's room. 

 "Matthew, I'm sorry." I said. 

 "Mom, I don't want to talk about it." He said.

 "Well tough. Look I don't care anymore just please be carful and don't make the same stupid mistakes i've made ok. I wasn't so safe a one point but I got something amazing." I said hugging him. I kissed his forehead. He slowly fll asleep. I walked out and went down to Ashton.

 "hey babe, are you okay/' He asked. I nodded my head kissed him. 

 "I love you." I sighed. 

 "So what made you change your mind?" he asked

 "The fact that I wasn't so safe and at least he is." I said. He laughed and kissed me. 

 "How do you feel about haveing another one of those nights of being a crazy teen?" He said and picked me up. 

 "I'd love it." I said. He carried me to the room. 


 "Mom?" Matthew yelled knocking at my door.

 "yea?" I yelled back. 

 "I'm going out for a while i'll be back soon." he said

 "Okay be careful" I told him

 I sat on Ashton and started kissing him. I pulled away and bit my lip. I got up and threw on some sweats and a shirt. I threw my hair up in a messy bun and walked down stairs. 

 "Oh hi, I didn't know Matthew had company. I'm Maria his mom." I said after seeing a girl sitting on the couch.

 "Hi, Mrs. Martinez." She said 

 "Oh no, I'm not married and please just call me Maria." I said. She nodded and Matthew walked back and sat next to her. I smiled and walked back to the room. 

 "Ashton, baby. Get dressed. Matthew ahs company here and I have places to go and you have to go to the studio in about 30 minutes." I said. I put my hair in a sock bun, did my makeup and put on heels with a half top and high waisted shorts. Ashton put in a band tee and skinny jeans with nerd glasses. I kissed him and we walked down stairs. 

 I grabbed a water and threw Ashton his keys. 

 "Matthew I'll be back later I'm going shopping." I told him. 

 "Maria I love your outfit!" The girl smiled. 

 "Thank you , I didn't catch your name?" I asked 

 "I'm tris." She smiled. 

 "Well Tris, I have a few clothes that don't quiet fit anymore if you want you can have them." I said. 

 "Really? That would be awesome!!" She smiled. 

 Ashton came up behind me and kissed me. I laughed and hugged him. 

 "Bye." I said and left.

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