Camp Counselor

I'm Maria and this, well this is the story of what my summer was like.
Are you willing to listen??


5. Chapter 5

 Maria POV 

 IT's wednesday and I'm finally back at the camp but I can't do much anymore. Walking is even a challenge. Ashton watches after me like crazy and is insanely cautious about what I do. 

 Tonight was the camp fire that is a tradition at this camp every month. 

 "Maria can you hand me the marshmallows please." Ashton asked. I threw the bag and he shot me glare. I put my hands up in surrender and sat down in the fold out chairs that were all set up in a small circle around the fire. 


 It was starting to get dark and the kids were walking down to the, as they call it, The Trap. The fire started and I sat back and watched Ashton hang out with the kids. I watched as the ids laughed and joked around with ashton and how he did it back. I smiled. 

 My phone began to ring and I saw it was my aunt, Karen.

 M- Hey auntie

 K- Hey baby girl. 

 M- How's Matthew

 K- He's doing perfect. He's getting bigger 

 M- I'm sorry... I'll be there to get him really soon. It's just his dads here and I want to be careful.

 K- It's okay sweetie. So I can expect you to see you when?

 M- Next weekend. 

 K- Great.... He's crying I have to go. I'll call again tomorrow okay?

 M- Okay. Bye auntie. Tell matthew I love him.

 K- I will.

 We hung up and Ashton came over and sat with me.

 "So, Tell me about yourself. You know since We don't really know much." He said. 

 "Okay. Umm, I'm single, My favorite animal is a penguin, I like the color black, I'm 17. I like green day and fall out boy and you know anything in that genre and I have a son." I said. He raised a eyebrow at me in shock. 

 "You have a son?" He asked Shocked

 "Yeah. His name is Matthew. He's 3 year old soon to be 4 on February 15." I said. 

 "If you don't mind me asking. Who's the father?" HE asked 

 "It was a one night stand thing and I don't really like talking about it." I said. He gave a sympathetic look and hugged me.

 "That's understandable." He said. I sighed and focused on the fire.


 "I love you Maria. I'm sorry I didn't know." Ashton yelled. 

 "It's too late. You left us!!" I yelled back hold Matthew close. I backed away as Ashton came closer to me.

 "Let me hold him please!" He yelled again. 

 "NO!" I continued. Matthew screamed and cried. I looked back at Ashton to see him holding a gun pointed right at me. I froze in my spot. Matthew still screaming. Everything suddenly went in slow motion. He pulled the trigger and I fell to the ground. I looked over to see him picking up Matthew. 

 He smiled at me and grabbed Matthew's things then left out of the door.


 I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror. Black skinny jeans, Black combat books,black beanie, and a black green day tee. I grabbed my phone and car keys. Today was the day. I walked out of the door and to the car. As I was pulling out Ashton came outside only in sweats. 

 "Where are you going!!" He yelled. 

 "Places." I said and sped off leaving a cloud of dirt behind. I sped down the gravel road and out to the main street. I pulled out on to the empty road and drove endlessly. It was one point in my life where I felt free and unstoppable. I had no worries as I continued down the black pavement. 

 I saw a huge black jeep wrangler coming head on. I swerved to the left and spun into he left lane only to see another car coming at me. They hit the back end of my car causing me to spin again and come to a sudden right before hitting the ditch. I sat there and wouldn't move.

 I shook out of it and got out of my car to check and see any damage. My car is pretty tough so nothing was really wrong with it besides a tiny tiny dent in the bumper. The cars were already gone and I was alone on the empty rode. I got back into my car and continued.


 "Oye tía Karen, ¿dónde está mi bebé?" I said and hugged her. 

 "Está durmiendo. Su bolsa está ahí." She said and left to get Matthew. I grabbed The bag and waited for her to come back. We put the things in the car and put him in a car seat. 

 "Gracias, te veré pronto. Adiós te amo." I told her and then left.


 I reached the camp without any problems and started to get him out of the car when Ashton came out to me. 

 "Can I help." He said and started to grab the bags. I slowly picked Matthew up trying not wake him and walked to my room. I laid him on my bed and turned to ashton. 

 "They's your son?" He whispered. I nodded and walked out. 

 "Ashton I have something to tell you." I said. 

 "You remember how I told you his dad was a one night stand thing." I asked and he nodded. "That one night stand was you and I didn't want to tell you because I didn't think you wanted him." I said and he didn't seem mad but Happy. 

 "Why would you think I wouldn't want my own kid? I'm happy you told me and I want to help. You don't have to let me but I want to try." He said. I hugged him and kissed his cheek. 

 "Thank you." I cried onto his shoulder. 

 *********Hey guys. I know it's a shitty chapter and I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while so here it is. I love you guys and thank you all so much!!!! Follow me on instagram @ _.dreamer._***********

 You can't start a new chapter of your life if you keep re-reading he last one.

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