Camp Counselor

I'm Maria and this, well this is the story of what my summer was like.
Are you willing to listen??


4. Chapter 4

 I HATE THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sat her and wrote a chapter that took 2 hours and it's gone!!!!

 Maris POV 

 I was flipping threw some old pictures when I saw a very familiar face.It was ashton. I was draped all over him and kissing. I walked over to his cabin and slammed open the door. 

 "Hey Maria." He said and turned to me.

 "HOW THE HELL COULD YOU NOT HAVE TOLD ME WE KISSED!!" I yelled at him. He backed away with fear in his eyes. 

 "What are you talking about?" He asked. I held up the picture and he examined it. 

 "Maria, listen, I barely remember anything from that night." He tried to calm me down. 

 "Then what the hell do you remember?" I said a little calmer. 

 "I was wasted, I hooked up with some girl from the club that night. That's all I remember. I promise" He said. I threw the picture at him , he picked it up and put it on his dresser and walked closer to me. I backed away until I couldn't anymore. 

(listen to ready aim fire by imagine dragons)

  He ran his hand down my neck and down my chest. His hand went around my back and traveled up my shirt until he hit my bra and unhooked it. 

 "Ashton, stop." I stepped away as I hooked my bra back. 

 "MARIA!!" I heard my friends Rachel and Peyton yell. I walked out the door and they smiled. 

 "So this is your cabin? Fun let's go." Rachel said. 

 "Um, no, it's not. Mine is over here come on." I said and steered them to my cabin.

 "So, Maria, you here by yourself?" Rachel asked.

 "Umm, no, you guys remember that club we went to on my 18th birthday?" I asked

 "How could we forget you left with some guy." Peyton said

 "yeah, about that. He is here. We are working together for the summer." I said. 

 "OOOO, tell me you are at least hooking up?" Peyton asked. 

 "No." I laughed. As if on Que Ashton came through the door. 

 "Look, Maria. I'm sorry. I just didn't remember until you showed me the picture and I didn't notice you with different hair and piercing okay? Please I'm sorry you have to forgive me." He begged. 

 "Ashton, I'm tired of being reminded of that so please just stop. I forgive you just don't bring it up again." I said and he smiled. 

 "Girls, we are going swimming. Ashton, leave." I said and he grabbed the picture and left. 

 We walked down to the dock and they jumped in as I sat on the dock doodling and listening to music. 


 I walked back to my cabin and hung up the picture then called my mom. 

 A- Hey mom

 AM- Hey Ashton, how's camp?

 A- Awesome, do you think I could take Harry for a while

 AM- Yeah sure. I've been trying to get that little monster out of the house for weeks.

 A- THanks, I'll come pick him up. 

 I hung up and went down to the dock to let the girls know I was leaving. They waved and I went to pick him up. 


 Harry and I pulled up at the camp and Rachel came running over to us. 

 "Ashton, please. We need your help. Maria jumped in and cut herself on something. She's bleeding a lot and she won't stay awake." She cried. 

 "Stay here." I yelled as I ran to the dock. I then saw Maria laying there with a towel wrapped around her waist soaked in blood. Peyton stood up as I picked her up and ran back to my car. I put her in the car and sped to the hospital.  

 I walked in with Maria limp in my arms. The brought out a bed and rushed her to the back and sent me to the waiting room. 

 I walked in and saw everyone sitting there. 

 We sat and waited for what felt like a lifetime until the doctor finally came out. 

 "Hi, Ashton. Maria will be fine. It looks like when she jumped into the water she landed on maybe something metal and jagged. We gave her a shot just incase it was rusted. She needed quite a few stitches and a little extra blood but she should be fine a day or two." He said and we all cheered. 

 "She can have visitor right?" I asked and he nodded and showed us her room. Everyone went in one by one and I was last. I walked into the door and saw her laying there still and limp. 

 I gently grabbed her hand and smiled. 

 "Hey, I know I made a mistake and i'm truly sorry. Just please be okay because I don't think I could bare to loose you. I know it sounds crazy but I like you.... A lot. What am I saying. I love you Maria Catilano and I want you to stay here with me. I love you Maria." I said and kissed her then left. 

 I walked down the hall and doctors rushed into her room as machines went crazy. I ran back in and they told me to leave and pushed me out. 

 "I"M NOT LEAVING THIS ROOM GOD DAMMIT!!" I yelled and went in and watched as they tried to get her stable again. This is truly a test and right now I'm failing. 

 "If beauty is only skin deep why does it hurt so much when someone points out your flaws?" / N.R/ 

 ********So guys. I hope you like this chapter. I really wanted to get something up. I  have decided that I'm going to start doing a quote either at the end of each chapter Maybe even  the beginning or I am going to have like a weekly quote but if I do the weekly quote then you guys have to work with me. You guys need to tell  me like how you're feeling (Ex. Sad, insecure, happy, depressed) You know things like that so I know what quote to get. Anyway Thank you guys for all of the amazing personalities you guys bring to me and the support. I love you al  BYE MY LITTLE KEVINS I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!***********

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