Camp Counselor

I'm Maria and this, well this is the story of what my summer was like.
Are you willing to listen??


3. Chapter 3

 Ashton POV 

 Today was a pretty normal day. You know, dealing with the kids all day. I love this job. I love kids. 

 I was going over somethings for the camp when a girl came over to me. 

 "Hi, Ashton." She said. 

 "Hey, Morgan." I said. 

 "Do you have anything for me to do today?" sHe asked. 

 "Actually yes. Would you mind volunteering in the kitchen today to help with lunch. One of the works is really sick." I said 

 "Sure." SHe said and ran off. I've learned all of the kids by name and they all love me. Moran is just a regular volunteer around the camp. 

 I saw Maria walk out of her camp with her clip board and her ID. She put on her ID and look down at her board. I looked at mine and noticed we both had swim duty like now. She grabbed a bag and started to walk to the dock. I walked beside her and she looked over to see me and sped up.  

 I laughed as she ran down to the dock and the kids cheered. She was so energetic and happy with them. I watched as they all formed a line and jumped. All except Maria. She laughed as they all started yelling and laughing. 

 "Why don't you go in?" I asked. 

 "I have reasons." She said 

 "Those are?" I asked 

 "None of your business." She snapped. 

 "Oo someone's feisty." I said and she shot me a glare. I smirked and took off my shirt and jumped in. I watched as she sat and started to draw. 

 Maria  POV 

 I threw my hair in a messy bun and plopped down on my bed. Someone else is taking over my shifts for the day. I grabbed my phone and went down to the dock. I put in my headphones and took off my top and shorts and started to tan and listen to music.  

 Ashton POV 

 I swam over to the dock and saw Maria laying there. I slowly got out of the water and looked to see her stomach bruised and red with scars every where same for her legs and arms. 

 I was shocked but shook it off. I shook my hair and got water all over Maria. SHe shot up and covered herself. 

 "Don't worry." I said. I got closer to her and whispered in her ear. 

 "You're still beautiful no matter what."  I said and kissed her cheek. I then walked off and went to my cabin. I was getting changed when the door slung open and I saw MAria. She slapped her hand over her eyes. the door shut and I laughed. 

 "Damn, you really want that booty call." I laughed. I put on boxers and told her she was good. 

 "What the hell was that Ashton." She snapped 

 "Well ,you see I was kinda born with it and -" I began. 

 "NOt that!! down at the dock. What the hell." She growled. 

 "What? I believe I was being nice." I said. 

 "Well what ever the hell it was don't do it again. You weren't meant to see any of that." She said softly. 

 I walked over and locked the door. 

 "I thought you weren't ashamed of it" I said 

 "I'm not, there is not one thing on my body that I am ashamed of. everything on my body is my fault and that is nothing to be ashamed of." She said. 

 "Then who did it?" I asked. 

 "My parents and my ex boyfriend." She said with not shame or emotion. 

 "Why?" I asked

 "Because they hated me." She laughed. 

 "Why are you laughing?" I asked

 "Because it's funny." SHe laughed. She then left and I watched. 

 How could she be so positive about it. She thinks it's funny. 

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