Camp Counselor

I'm Maria and this, well this is the story of what my summer was like.
Are you willing to listen??


23. Chapter 23

 Marisa POV 

 Calum had Maria today so I had a me day. I threw on some sweats and a black sweatshirt and my shoes and walked out the door. I am going to my friends house who lives not to far away so I can walk. 

 I turned down this path type thing and saw a few people which was normal since it's a very know path. As I was walking I was stopped by another girl further down. 

 "Hey, I've got it now take it." She said quickly shoving something in my pocket. I put my hand in and she ran away. I looked in her direction confused. I pulled out the thing she shoved in my pocket and I was shocked. She shoved weed in my pocket. 

 I didn't know what to do and she was long gone by now. I walked off to my friends house and she was outside. 

 "Hey, how are you?" I smiled. 

 "Good I guess." She said 

 "What happened?" I asked 

 "I'm out of everything." She said. I pulled out the bag out of pocket and handed it to her. 

 "Here you can have this." I said. She smiled and looked confused.  

 "How did you get this? Do you know how much this cost?" She asked. 

 "No, some girl came up to my shoved it in my pocket and left while I was on the path." I said shrugging. 

 "This is like at least 2000 dollars worth." She said astonished and walked inside.


 I walked home after Calum had told me he was home and Maria wanted me. I walked up to the door and pushed it open hearding a thud. I screamed and ran it slamming the door. 

 Calum looked at me like I was crazy holding his head. I let out a breath and grabbed Maria. 

 "I thought you were Maria. I thought she was hurt." I said kissing her head. 

 "Oh no I'm fine don't worry." He said. 

 "I'm sorry baby." I said and kissed his head and then him. He groaned and walked away.

 I walked away and put Maria down. Michael walked into the house and picked her up. He took her book bag and walked out. 

 "Um Okay." I got up and walked int to kitchen. Before I got there I was slammed into the wall. My sight was soon gone from a black blindfold being tied around my head.

 "Babe, what are you doing." I asked. 

 "Don't worry about it." Was all I got in response.I was pushed along to what I'm guessing was our bedroom. My hands were lifted and my shirt fell off along with my bra. I was pushed onto the bed, I tried getting up but I was held down to the bed. 

 I felt my hands being handcuffed to the bed. What the hell? Calum isn't usually like this.

 "Calum, what are you doing? You are never like this" I asked. I was ignored once again. Suddenly I felt him kissing my thighs. I gasped and stopped talking as he got closer and kissed me. 

 I squealed and gasped. Moans filled the room. I pulled my hands against the cuffs and my legs wrapped around Calum. He grabbed them and held them down in the bed. I pulled against him getting my legs free but I guess that made him upset. 

 He grabbed my legs and before eI knew it they were tied down. He went back to what he was doing as I pulled and moaned. My muscle tightened and Calum stopped. I whined and he put his hands on my side. 

 "Calum, please. Let me go. I need this." I moaned. He ignored me and I upset. 

 "Daddy, please." I begged. My legs were untied and the cuffs were gone. I immediately grabbed Calum and pinned him down on the bed. 

 "Okay. That's how we are playing it. Let's get down to business daddy." I smirked.

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