Camp Counselor

I'm Maria and this, well this is the story of what my summer was like.
Are you willing to listen??


22. Chapter 22

 Marisa POV 


 "Baby it'll be okay." I said kissing his shoulder. 

 "You don't understand. This is a big deal." He groaned.

 "Baby it's just a video. This will blow over in a few days anyway." I said kissing his neck. He turned around to me and pinned my down on the bed climbing on top of me. I smiled and grabbed his collar pulling him to me kissing him hard. 

 His hand slid up my side pulling of my shirt in one quick move. He pulled his shirt over his head and threw it to the side. He started kissing my neck and sucking on small parts. 

 I heard the door open. 

 "Hey I'm taking Mariaaaaaaaa." Luke said. Calum didn't even flinch. 

 "Whatever Luke." I breathed grabbing onto Calum's Neck. The door closed and Calum's hand slipped into the side of my pants. He slowly pulled them down kissing his way down. 


 I laid next to Calum with my head on his chest. 

 "Baby, I love you." He said kissing my head.

 "I love you too." I smiled. 

 I sat up and grabbed my phone. I turned over and scrolled through instagram. Calum rubbed my arm and kissed my shoulder. 

 "Cal, we just finished." I said. He moaned and continued kissing me. I turned over to him and held his face.

 "I have work to do." I smiled getting up. I pulled on some clothes and walked into my office. 


 "Baby, you've been in here for like 6 hours." Calum said. 

 "I know. I have a lot of work to do." I said pinning some fabric to a mannequin. I spun around in my chair and typed something into the computer then turned back to the mannequin. 

 "Look, I love to see you so interested in something and so focused but you need to give it a rest." He said turning my chair away from my work. 

 "I have to finish this. I need to have it all prepared for my showcase for the touring costumes. This is a huge deal for me It has to be done and has to be perfect." I told him pulling away and pulled out more pins and fabric. 

 "They look killer and they aren't going to get better okay. This is perfect. You are done now please come eat something." He begged. I groaned and held my arms out. He walked over and picked me up and walked out of the room. 


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