Camp Counselor

I'm Maria and this, well this is the story of what my summer was like.
Are you willing to listen??


20. Chapter 20

Maria POV 

 "Okay that may be true but you are totally wrong!!" I yelled. Luke and I are currently in a debate on which Supernatural or Doctor who is better. 



 "Seriously you can totally tell that everything is just fake it's horrible I hate it." I rolled my eyes. 

 "And everything in supernatural is? Yes because demons are totally black smoke and can take over your body. Oh and lets not forget the, what are they called, oh yeah shapeshifters or the witches or hell even fuck lucifer." Luke argued.

 "Okay now you have gone to  far. You don't insult Luci. I will fucking murder you while your sleeping." I snapped at him. 

 "Hey you can't blame me for something behind fake." He smiled. 

 "I will cut you Lucas Robert Hemmings." I snarled at him. 

 "Hey Hey guys. What's up?" Michael asked sitting down next to Luke. 

 "Doctor who and Supernatural." Luke groaned. 

 "Oh supernatural easy by far." I smiled and Luke looked annoyed. 

 "MOOSE MOOSE MOSSE!!" I yelled. 



 I was laying in bed with Marisa cuddled to my side while I froze my ass off for some odd reason. I was slowly drifting in and out of sleep but she was completely knocked out at my side. I looked down at the small little girl laying at my side. I smiled and rubbed her arm softly. I laid my head back against the pillow trying to force sleep on myself.

 "Baby, are you in here?" I heard someone ask. It didn't sound like Calum. I sat up looking at the door slowly open when Luke popped in. 

 "Hey luke." I said. 

 "I'm here to take my baby." He said walking over to pick up a half asleep Maria.

 "Of course you are." I laughed and he smiled. 

 "Well, I might se you tonight if I decide to bring her back." He said. 

 "You can keep her tonight if you want. I don't mind." I said. 

 "Then how about I keep her all weekend too. I mean it's friday." He said. I shrugged and fell back onto my bed.

 Minutes later after Luke left Calum walked in and plopped onto the bed. I got up and hovered over him. 

 "How was work sweetie." I said and kissed him. 

 "It was good. How was Marisa." He asked me. 

 "She was good Luke took her for the weekend." I told him. He nodded and his eyes close. 

 "What happened?" I asked

 "Nothing I'm just tired." He said.

 "Well Then I guess sex won't do anything for that then." I said and fell back onto my side. 

 "Now I never said anything like that." He said laying behind me. He wraps his arm around my stomach and pulls me into his chest kissing my neck. 

 "Calum we are not having sex now. There isn't anything wrong remember." I said. 

 "Fuck that shit. Something is wrong and it's the fact that my damn girlfriend won't fuck me and now I have avery frustrating boner and she is pissing me off." He groaned rubbing himself on my ass. I laughed and turned to face him. 

 "You know if you would have told me if something was wrong I could help with that but nothings wrong so you have to handle that yourself baby." I smiled and kissed him pulling the blanket over myself and cuddling to my pillow. 

 "Fine I will." He said.

 "Fine don't get any on the bed." I said and slowly feel asleep.


 I wake up to see Calum naked laying next to me. I streched and got up. I walked into the kitchen and got some hot water from the keruig and made some tea. I put some toast on a plate and cut up a banana with some blueberries. I smiled at my job and sat at the table with my phone in hand. 

 I scrolled for a while when Calum ran down the stairs and sat next to me. 

 "how was your night?" I smiled. 

 "Amazing." He laughed. 

 "Oh then I guess you can keep doing that and you don't need me." I said sipping my tea. 

 "Oh hell no. You are fantastic. I need you." He groaned. 

 "Good. Remember that." I smiled and kissed his cheek. He took a few blueberries and poured himself some coffee.

 "So the plan for today. It's 1 now and we have until 7 which is dinner and then we shower then netflix. So in the mean time I say it's sex." He said.  

 "Well you know what I say. I say shopping seeming we have only a few months until we send Marisa to school and we need to get her somethings. I need some new things and let's face it you need some shirts." I said. He rolled his eyes and I laughed. 

 "Hurry up and maybe you'll get some tonight." I said and he sighed. 

 "Maybe means none."He moped while stemming up the stairs. 

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