Camp Counselor

I'm Maria and this, well this is the story of what my summer was like.
Are you willing to listen??


2. Chapter 2

  Maria POV

 "I was so terrified, Then realized that on this journey no matter where it leads, You get a chance then take it." I sang while I played the piano. I stopped and sighed. I ran my hand through my hair and smiled. 

 "My destiny awaits." I whispered and smiled. I put in my head phones and started to play music and I grabbed my ID. I walked out of my cabin and onto the dusty dirt paths that lead around campus. I started running and watched as all of the kids seemed to flash by me. 

 I took a deep breath and ran on until I was hit to the ground. I shook my head and got up dusting myself off. I looked around and saw a young girl on the ground next me. I helped her up and apologized then kept running. 

 Soon I made it to a small wooden dock on a lake. I walked to the end and sat down putting my feet just above the water. I smiled and took a deep breath and fell back. 

 For once I'm in a great mood. I was just beginning to relax until I heard my name being called. I sat up and saw Ashton running to me. I walked to him. 

 "Hey, Maria. We need to get to the site. We have to set up for the camp fire tonight." He said and smiled. God that smile is flawless. 

 "Umm, Yeah, sorry I forgot. Let's go." I said and w began running back. I was half way there until I noticed Ashton was way behind me. I stopped and waited for him. As soon as he caught up We started to run together. 

 "Sorry, I've just been in a great mood today and I guess I'm a lot faster than I thought." I laughed and we raced back to the camp.


 The camp fire was over and The kids where in their cabins. Ashton and I were picking up the trash and things. 

 "So, I heard you singing this morning." Ashton said but didn't move his eyes from the job. 

 "Sorry about that. It was horrible." I said apologetically. 

 "No, It was great. I loved it. Is it your song?" He asked 

 "Yeah." I said and smiled. (The song isn't really mine guys) 

 "I love it. It's an amazing song. Well from what I heard." He smiled. 

 "you write?" I asked and he nodded. 

 "I actually am having a little trouble finishing the song. Do you mind coming by tonight and helping out?" I asked and he smiled. 

 "Sure." He said. I smiled. I tied up my bag and put it into the garbage can. Ashton did the same and we smiled at each other. Out of no where I was thrown against my cabin wall and Ashton was kissing me. I was shocked and pushed him off. 

 "We should probably write the song." I said and walked into my cabin. I sat down at my piano and looked at my music. I began to play and it felt as all of my worries slipped away. I became free to do whatever was possible. 

 "Feel this, can you feel this salvation under my breath." I breathed out. "feel this, can you feel this my heart beating out of my chest, feel this, Can you feel this salvation under my breath." I sang and smiled. 


 My alarm clock went off on full blast. I jumped and fell out of bed. 

 "Owww." I yelled and stood up. I looked in the mirror and pulled back my hair. I saw something in the mirror and then turned around. I saw Ashton sleeping on the floor next to my bed. I laughed. I walked over to see his shirt and pants across the room.

 "Oh god." I whispered. I slowly lifted the blanket and breathed out when I saw he had boxers on. 

 "Now what if I was naked." I heard him groan. I screamed and jumped back. 

 "I'm sorry. I just saw your clothes and I thought we um uhh." I stuttered. 

 "Had sex." He said

 "Yeah. Not that I don't find you attractive, I do but you know." I stumbled on. He smirked and laughed. 

 "SO you like me." He said

 "Yes. now get out." I said and he laughed. He put on his pants and walked over to me. I stumbled back until I hit a wall. 

 "Aww, scared." He smiled.

 "Get out." I said and he raised his hand in surrender. still shirtless. 

 "Okay, okay. You know where to find me if you want alate night booty call." He smiled and walked out. I smiled and plopped down on my bed again.

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