Camp Counselor

I'm Maria and this, well this is the story of what my summer was like.
Are you willing to listen??


19. Chapter 19

 Maria POV 

 "Welcome home baby." I kissed Calum as he walked through the front door. He kissed me back and picked up Marisa. I know totally like perfect t family moment. Ew. 

 "So how was she today?" He asked. 

 "Hectic but we're alive so yea." I laughed. He walked into the kitchen and pulled something out of the fridge and put it into the microwave. I sat down with him at the table and Marisa ran away somewhere. 

 "How was the studio?" I asked. He groaned and started telling me about literally everything. 


 I fell into bed and closed my eyes. 

 "Mom!!" Marisa yelled. I jumped up to see her standing in the doorway. 

 "What's wrong baby?" I asked sitting up. 

 "Nightmare." She said. I patted the bed and she ran up jumping in and slipping under the blankets. I went to my side and laid down turning on the T.V. 

 Marisa was knocked out in less than a minute. I laughed and yawned. Calum walked out of the bathroom in some sweats and no shirt. 

 "Oh Damn. I thought we would be able to have fun tonight." He said climbing into bed.

 "She had a nightmare." I said. He nodded and pulled the blankets up. I scooted Marisa over and laid down Next to Calum.

 I wrapped my arms around him and wrapped my legs with his. I laid my head down on his chest and he rubbed my arm. 

 "She called me mom today." I smiled. 

 "That's amazing." He smiled and kissed my forehead. 


 I woke up with Marisa cuddling my side and Calum's arm around me. I slowly moved Calum's arm and moved her over and climbed over Calum. I was stopped when Calum's hand's grabbed my hips. His eyes flew open and he pulled me down to him kissing me. 

 "I don't have work today." He smiled. 

 "Good." I laughed 

 "Luke's been wanting to be with Marisa for a while so I can get him to babysit." He smiled and let me go. I got off of him and stood up. He sat up. 

 I picked up my phone and walked out of the room being followed by Calum. He chased me down the stairs. He grabbed my waist and spun my around. 

 "Ew, movie cliche." I rolled my eyes and he sat me down. He kissed me running his hands down my back and against my pants waist band. I slid my hand against his back and pulled his hair. He moaned and I smiled.

 His hands slid into my pants and gripped my ass. I bit his bottom lip and pulled on it. 

 "We need to get Luke to take her now." I said and took out Calum's phone from his pocket. I texted Luke to come get  her and gave him back his phone.

 I walked upstairs and woke up Marisa. 

 "Baby. uncle Luke is coming to get you in a minute." I told her. She smiled and jumped up running to her room. I went back downstairs to see Calum sitting on the couch with a smile looking at his phone. Marisa ran downstairs and jumped into my arms. 

 "Luke's here!!" Calum yelled. I put her down and she ran to the door. Luke opened it and smiled at Marisa. He picked her up and turned around. 

 "Don't make another one please!!" He yelled and shut the door. 


 Calum and I laid in bed breathing heavy. 

 "That was kinky." I laughed. I got up and walked into the bathroom. 

 "Oooo, shower time." Calum smiled pulling me to him. 

 "Yes, shower time... For me." I said and pushed him away slowly. 

 "UGH, that's boring!!" He smiled. 

 "Oh boo. Looks like you'll have to shower all by yourself." I said pushing him out the door. I sat in the bathtub and relaxed. Calum walked in and sat down next to me. 

 " I thought I put you out." I said. 

 "Yea but I'm not in the water with you so." He said and leaned onto he side of the tub. 

 "You know you are seriously boring right now." He sighed. I rolled my eyes and stayed quiet. 

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