Camp Counselor

I'm Maria and this, well this is the story of what my summer was like.
Are you willing to listen??


17. Chapter 17

 Maria POV 

 I sat alone in my house watching T.V. Ashton hasn't come back since our fight and Calum comes by only for you know what every once in a while. 

 I haven't been the same since I left camp and got a place with Ashton. I don't really know what's wrong.

 "Maria? Where are you?" I heard Calum call. I sighed. 

 "Not today Calum. Im not in the mood." I told him. He walked into the living room. 

 "I'm not here for sex. I found her." He said. 

 "Where?" I asked. 

 "No one ever adopted her. So I did. Maria She's 3 now. She can talk and walk and she can read too." He said. 

 "No three year old can read." I rolled my eyes. 

 "Well ours can." He said 

 "Well why are you here?" I asked. 

 "Because I have a question." He sighed. 

 "If its to tell me to get help you can leave." I snapped .

 "No. Maria, I really love you. I didn't just say it the other day for no reason. We may only have a sex relationship but I want something more. I know we can do this. I want you to move in with me and Marisa." He told me holding my hands. 

 "WHere is she?" I asked. 

 "By the door." He said. 

 "Marisa?" I called and a little blonde hair three year old came hopping around the corner. I picked her up and smiled. 

 "Hey baby. I'm your momma" I smiled and kissed her cheek. 

 "I'll do it." I smiled at Calum. He smiled and kissed me.

 "Ew." Marisa cried. We smiled and I walked up to my room. 


 We packed everything I wanted to take and put it in Calum and I's cars. I went ahead and gave the house over to Matthew. We drove off to Calum's house and unloaded everything. 

 It took us a few hours but we unpacked everything and put it in it's place.

 I sat down on Calum and I's bed with Marisa.

 "I like this. but you know what?" I said

 "What?" He asked. 

 "I'm gonna miss our nights." I laughed. 

 "Oh we can have them every night now." He laughed. I shook my head and check the time. It was now 7 and I picked up Marisa. 

 "I know this sucks but I think it's time for you to get a bath." I smiled. I carried her to the bathroom and I quickly bathed her. We had eaten Mcdonalds for dinner since we didn't have time to cook soI put her to bed right after. 

 I walked back to our room and sat down. Calum stripped to his boxers and laid down. 

 "I sleep. I mean I don't....I don't sleep-" I struggled. 

 "You sleep naked. I know. I don't care" He said. 

 "Okay." I laughed. I stripped my clothes an laid down on the bed an pulled the blankets over me. I grabbed my phone and scrolled through instagram for a while then fell asleep. 


  I woke up and walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I took a bath but just sat there reading.

 "What are you reading?" Calum asked walking over to the sink.

 "Just some fan fiction. Do you realize how talented some of these people are? Like seriously freaky talented. They can also be very very vivid in a sense." I laughed. 

 "I've read a few yeah. Trust I know how dirty they can get. It's really weird to read about yourself and your best mates but they are good." He laughed and put his toothbrush down. 

 "I have work today so I trust you to watch Marisa. Don't kill her or loose her or leave her somewhere." He smiled and kissed me. 

 "God you do it one time and you're labeled for life." I shook my head. 

 "Yes you do. You dork." He laughed. 

 "Just kiss me again you loser." I laughed. He leaned over and kissed me and I pulled him down closer. He sat on the side of the bath. 

 "You have work in 30 minutes Calum." I said. 

 "I don't need that much time." He smirked and pulled me up.

 "CALUM!! You have work!1" I squealed. 

 "I don't give a fuck right now." He groaned and kissed my neck. He pulled off his shirt and pants and smiled at me. 


 Calum pulled new jeans and a shirt. 

 "Now I have to take a new shower." I sighed. 

 "But it was worth it." He kissed my forehead. 

 "And your late." I told him. 

 "By 5 minutes. Luke won't even be there yet. Bye love you. Take care of Marisa!!" He said and walked out. 

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