Camp Counselor

I'm Maria and this, well this is the story of what my summer was like.
Are you willing to listen??


11. Chapter 11

  Maria POV

 Ashton walked in the door and smiled at me. 

 "I love the outfit!! It's hot." He told me. I looked down to see I was wearing yoga pants and  a sports bra. I laughed and hugged him and kissed him. I let the kiss linger for a while. 

 When it ended I sat him down and told him about what Matthew was up too. 

 "Well, if he wants to move out then let him." He told me. I was shocked.  

 "Why the hell would you tell him he can move out of this house. He is only 17." I argued. 

 "Because Maris, when he leaves and realizes he can't make it on his own he'll come back to us." Ashton explained.  

 I nodded and called Matthew down. I heard him stomp down the stairs and he soon appeared at the end of the hall. 

 "We have decided that if you want to move out then go ahead." I told him and he rolled him eyes and stormed back off to his bedroom. 

 I turned back to my computer and turned on 2am by adrian marcel and continued with my paper work. It's for becoming a student teacher in pre k or kindergarden classes. I'm so excited. This is all so new to me. 


 I finally finished me papers and sent them in and now I should get a call in a few days time. 

 "ASHTON!!!" I yelled for him and he walked in the room. 

 "Do you love me?" I begged. 

 "What do you want?" He asked jokingly. 

 "Tacobell." I said. He laughed and walked out the door with his keys. 

  I waited and waited until he finally came back with my food. I got so excited and choked down as much as I could at one time. 

 "I've never seen you eat like that." He laughed at me. I pouted and grabbed my phone then walked off to the room. I grabbed a tank top and walked out with my purse. 

 "I'll be back, running to the store real quick." I yelled and walked out and jumped in my car. I drove off and eventually made it to the store that seemed like it was miles away. 

 I got out of the car walked in and went straight to the candy isle. I picked up a few things but suddenly felt dizzy. next thing I know I see a lot of blood. I felt my head and I couldn't find out were I was bleeding. Everything went black. 

 Ashton POV 

 I got a call from the hospital and was told that Maria was in the emergency room. I rushed down with mathew panicking in the seat beside me. I rushed in through the doors and went to the front desk. 

 "Maria Martinez." I stuttered. 

 "She's in intensive care at the moment. There's nothing I can do right now. I'll let you know when she is released." She told me. 

 "No I Have to see her now, I'm her husband and this is her son." I snapped 

 "Well, sir. She is not able to be seen right now. When she is released I will let you know. Until then you an have a seat in our waiting area along with everyone else.

 "Do you know we are!! She is important." I argued 

 "No sir, I do not know who you are and frankly I could careless. Everyone here who is being treated is important so please take a seat or I will have you escorted out. Thank you and have a nice day." She told me. I rolled my eyes and stormed off. 


 What felt like years went by until I was finally told I could see Maria. I ran down the hall and into her room with Matthew. She smiled at us. 

 "Hey baby, how are you?" I asked and kissed her. 

 "I'm fine, doctor said just a minor medical condition. Something with blood." She laughed. I nodded and let Matthew talk to her. 

 "I'll only be here for a few more hours, or so the doctor went to go get me some medicine and then I'll be released." She smiled wide. 


 We just got home and went back to what we were doing. I helped Maris upstairs and noticed her pants had blood everywhere. 

 "Maria, were you bleeding." I asked and she nodded like nothing was wrong with it. I shrugged it off and grabbed her some new clothes and she went and got into the shower. 

 I walked into the bathroom and sat on the counter. 

 "Baby, I love you." I spoke

 "I love you too baby." She said. I smiled and got into the shower with her. She screamed and told me to get out. I laughed at her and hugged her. She squirmed and tried to pull away from me. I kissed her and she stopped. I pulled her closer and kissed her harder. 

 She moved away and stepped out of the shower. I stepped out after her and wrapped a towel around myself then followed her out of the bathroom. 

 "What the hell is wrong with you Maria. usually you wouldn't have a problem with that." I asked her. 

 "Yeah well not right now. i'm not in the mood and I have enough on my plate. I'm stressed right now okay. So leave me be." She snapped. 

 "Exactly you need something to relax you." I told her. 

 "Yeah and sex is so going to do that. What the hell is wrong with you." She yelled 

 "What's wrong with me? Okay why the fuck are you so moody?" I yelled back 

 "Because I'm fucking pregnant Asshole." She yelled. 

 "You're pregnant." I said quietly. 

 "Yes, I'm pregnant. 5 months actually. Because I've been having and affair ashton." She told me. 

 "I think I should go........ I'll get my things later." I spoke quietly and get dressed. I grabbed somethings and walked out. 

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